How to Resolve My HP Printer’s Carriage Jam is another typical issue that many people encounter. Before taking action, you should always comprehend the underlying rationale.

HP Printer's Carriage Jam
HP Printer’s Carriage Jam

Before learning how to resolve the carriage jam problem with my HP Printer, you should know that the word Carriage Jam or even Carriage Blocked is shown on the product’s control panel.

The carriage assembly is critical in this case since it houses the stalls, ink cartridges, and other critical components. The paper jam may have occurred sooner. Several typical and evident indications include the absence of printing for the product and the abrupt cessation of printing entirely.

How to fix an HP Printer’s Carriage Jam

To remedy the HP Printer carriage jam issue, you should follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Turning off the printer and then re-powering it on.
  • To switch off your printer, firmly push the On button.
  • Press it once again to turn on the printer.
  • This may initially resolve the message.

Paper Jams- Turn off your printer, unplug all wires and cords, and then flip it over to inspect the rear section. Open the rear access door and locate the tab on the left half of the door for pushing rightwards. Similarly, the door will now move to the right. Pull the same slightly outwardly to release, and once freed, the door must be gently dragged leftwards and outwards.

Rear Access Door- You should get access to the rear access door and then carefully remove any jammed paper that has been lodged in the rollers. Following that, the door must be reinstalled by inserting the twin posts on the right side into the opening’s suitable side holes. Ensure that the left tab on the door-side is pressed in the appropriate direction, and the door will adjust accordingly. Once the door has moved to the right, ensure that you press the door’s left side to secure it. Before powering on the printer, the power cable must be reconnected.

Print carriage movement- You should open the print cartridge’s access door and, if necessary, allow it to travel toward the access zone. Unplug the power cable and inspect the cartridge or output tray for paper through the access door. Ascertain that cartridges are securely seated in the printer carriage. Ascertain the Carriage’s freedom of movement and remove any impediments.

Cartridge removal- The cartridge may have been placed or positioned incorrectly. Open the printer’s cartridge access door and wait until the Carriage becomes quiet and idles. Gently push the end of each cartridge to release it, and the tri-coloured cartridge will appear on the left. To your right will be the photo/black print cartridge. Remove both cartridges and place them on a clean piece of paper. Disconnect the power cable, reposition the cartridge to the left, shut the print cartridge access door, and reconnect the power wire.

Replacing print cartridges-

Another option is to install compatible cartridges. Hold the cartridge in such a way that the nozzles face down and the contacts face the printer. Place the cartridge in front of the appropriate slot, keeping in mind that tri-coloured cartridges will have a triangle mark when entering the Carriage’s leftward space.

Black cartridges often have pentagon or square markings and are inserted into the printer carriage’s rightward slot. Position the cartridge firmly into the appropriate space until it fits snugly. Then, shut the cartridge access door and position the cartridge in the same manner. Ensure that OK is pushed for each control panel prompt to begin the print cartridge alignment operation.

This procedure may take some time, and you should also be patient. After printing the page, the alignment process will be finished in the same manner. The printing job should be re-attempted to resolve the issue.


If you can still fix this issue with HP Printer’s Carriage Jamyou may contact our customer support team. Our technical specialists are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you.

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