How to Fix Samsung C1860 Error A1-4111?

Are you seeing the Samsung Printer Error A1-4111 on the display screen? You may search for repair techniques based on the printer model. The majority of offered solutions are ineffective, however, this one will undoubtedly resolve the issue.

Samsung Printer Error A1-4111
Samsung Printer Error A1-4111

Steps to Resolve Samsung Printer Error A1-4111 –

Phase 1:- Remove the Right Side Panel

Turn off the power to the Samsung C1860 before beginning the procedure of resolving the A1-4111 problem. The power switch is located close to the power cable, making it simple to detach the power cord.

Step 2: Disconnect or remove any data connections (if attached), since you may end up spinning them all around, which becomes difficult.

Step 3: The majority of printers have five screws that must be removed initially. The amount of screws varies across models.

Step 4: With your back to the front, open the big lower front cover. Following that, unscrew the three screws on the printer’s front right side.

Step 5: Next, flip to the printer’s rear and open the printer’s back cover. Additionally, remove the two screws on the left. Please keep in mind the various screws and their locations on the panel.

Finally, move the right side cover all the way to the rear end. It should come out easily and quickly, allowing you to put it aside.

Fix the Solenoid in Phase 2

With the tiny blue solenoid in the top left corner, the Samsung Xpress c1860fw error a1-4111 is a significant issue. As a result, the pad slides or falls off, causing the printer to become uncomfortable and troublesome.

Step 1: Remove the holding screws and pull them out slightly to initiate the work mode.

Step 2: If yours is gone, you may search for it. Once the stickiness subsides, a few layers of masking tape cut into tiny square pieces may be used to resolve the Samsung printer issue A1-4111.

In this instance, the little foam cushion had simply slid. As a result, you may gently lift it using an X-acto knife. Additionally, adjust it and check to ensure it was securely attached directly under the tab.

Phase 3: Reassemble and Test the Unit

The final step of resolving the Samsung C1860 issue A1-4111 is to replace the solenoid.

Step 1: If you prefer not to handle any open electronics, connect the power cable to the source and verify whether or not the problem has been resolved. Observe the motors and solenoid carefully to ensure they are spinning properly, then click on the power-up sequencing.

Step 2: Next, you must unplug the power cable in order to reinstall the side panel.

Step 3: As the last step, reverse the disassembly stages. Simply ensure that the various screws are inserted into the appropriate holes. As you can see, the small screw is positioned lower in the rear of my model printer.

Finally, you may connect and enjoy.


I hope this blog helps you to Fix Samsung Printer Error A1-4111, you should contact the printer call directly. Report the issue and get expert assistance.


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