How to Fix OKI Printer Error Code 990?

OKI Fault 990 is a sensor detection error for waste toner.’ You must carefully resolve the OKI Error Code 990. The waste toner cartridge of an OKI printer is a container inside the printer that stores excess ink. Each time you change a cartridge, you must also replace the waste toner container.

OKI Error Code 990
OKI Error Code 990

When the machine is unable to locate either the toner cartridge or the drum unit, a waste toner sensor detection error occurs. As a consequence, the printer loses the ability to determine the quantity of ink remaining in the units.

Each time you run into an OKI Printer Error Code 990, you may resolve it by calling the OKI Printer Number.

Effective Methods for Resolving OKI Printer Error Code 990:

If your OKI printer displays the OKI c5300 toner sensor error on the display screen, carefully follow the steps in this article. It includes all of the information necessary to assist you in resolving the issue. You may also contact OKI Printer Repair Services to ensure that the outcomes are entirely acceptable.

  • When this error number occurs, the first thing you should check is if all of the blue toner levers are firmly pressed to the rear.
  • When you’re finished, inspect the sensor.
  • Ascertain if it needs cleaning or not. The sensor is located under the plastic cover on the drum’s side.
  • Clean the plastic cover and silver arm with a tiny, lint-free cloth.
  • The sensor will be made of a very fine powder that should be simple to remove.
  • Ascertain whether or not the sensor lever on TS1 is pushed up.
  • Properly clean the arm. Additionally, verify that the sensor lever is pushed up as far as it should be.
  • It is not correctly adjusted; thus, the machine will not detect the sensor on the drum.
  • To make this Oki Printer Error Code 990, raise the disc.

When your OKI Printer displays the OKI c5300 toner sensor error 990 on the display screen, follow these steps:

Step 1: As soon as this error code appears, check to see whether each and every blue toner lever is pushed to the rear.

Step 2: Inspect the sensor once it has been completed.

Step 3: Determine whether or not it needs cleaning. Generally, the sensor is placed at the rear of the plastic cover on the drum’s side.

Step 4: Using a small lint-free cloth, clean the plastic cover and the silver arm of any dirt, markings, or stains. The sensor is a very tiny powder that is easily removed.

Step 5: Push the sensor lever on TS1 upward.

Step 6: Scrub the arm thoroughly to remove any dirt or contaminants.

Step 7: Ensure that you press the sensor lever upward; if you do not, the machine will not remove the sensor of the drum.

Step 8: Elevate the disc.

Step 9: Alternatively, you may work with an OKI Printer Repair Services technician to fix OKI Printer Error 990.

Step 10: Contact Printer Support for personalised assistance.


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