How to fix Hp Printer Kernel Error Issue ?

PCL XL error arises when a Hp Printer Kernel Error problem occurs. When users attempt to print to networked printers installed on Windows, they typically see this problem. This issue may impact a large number of employees in various departments who are using different printer models. Because the printer is unable to handle some elements of the document, such as a picture or embedded typefaces, this occurs.

Hp Printer Kernel Error
Hp Printer Kernel Error

Steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer Kernel Error

This article explains how to troubleshoot the Kernel HP Printer Error on your printers using a few simple methods.

Option 1: Update the print settings

Frequently, the settings prevent printing. A modification in the printer’s control panel settings may be helpful in resolving the issue.

  • On your Windows computer, go to the search tab and then to the settings tab.
  • Select Control Panel from the drop-down menu.
  • Double-click on the pane titled ‘View Printers and Devices’.
  • Select the ‘Printing Preferences‘ tab by right-clicking on the printers icon.
  • Set the Print data optimisation to Optimise for text and vector on the ‘Advanced‘ tab, then click the ‘Apply’ icon to apply the changes.
  • To test your updated settings, print a test document. If the print works, you’re done; if it doesn’t, you’ll need to continue debugging.

Option 2: Reset the Cartridge’s ink levels.

The serial number of the cartridges is stored in the printer’s internal memory. When a refilled cartridge is put into a printer, the printer may not recognise it as a filled cartridge. This issue has a straightforward remedy.

  • To get to the ink cartridge region, open the printer’s lid.
  • Wait until the cartridges have all migrated to one side and the machine is quiet and still.
  • Remove the black ink and tri-color cartridges with both hands and put them on a piece of paper.
  • Close the printer’s cover.
  • To switch on your printer, press the ‘on; button. Turn it off after 15 to 20 seconds of waiting.
  • At least five times, repeat the previous process. This aids in the full removal of the cartridge identifying information from the printer’s memory. It typically keeps track of the identifying numbers of the last five ink cartridges used.
  • Replace the black and colour cartridges in their respective slots after opening the printer’s lid.
  • To see whether the issue has been addressed, print a test document. If the print is successful, your task is complete; however, if it is not, you must continue the troubleshooting procedure.

Option 3: Modify the printer settings of the network administrator

  • Open the settings page by clicking on the start tab on your Windows computer.
  • From the settings tab, choose ‘Printers.
  • Select ‘Network printer‘ or ‘My computer’ from the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting the port, click on the ‘next‘ button.
  • Choose the printer’s manufacturer.
  • Choose the ‘Standard printer driver’ option.
  • Select the ‘next’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • If it prompts you to make it your default printer, do so. choose the ‘No‘ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Keep pressing ‘next’ and then ‘finish.’
  • Try printing a test document to see whether the problem has been addressed; if not, further troubleshooting steps will be required.

Option 4: Make sophisticated printing features available.

  • From the settings tab, right-click on the printer icon.
  • Uncheck the option that says “enable printing features” on the advanced tab.
  • Select the ‘printing preferences’ option from the ‘general’ page.
  • Disable the ‘print optimisation’ option in the ‘advanced tab’.
  • To see whether the issue is fixed, print a test document. It is excellent if the print issue is fixed; but, if the error persists, troubleshooting must be pursued.

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