How to fix HP Printer Error Code E4?

How to resolve HP printer error e4? HP printers have been designed to meet all of your printing requirements in today’s fast-paced competitive environment.

They have carefully balanced the demands of home and personal users, small companies, big enterprises, and office printing requirements, as well as the intelligent world of portable printing alternatives for innovators on the move!

HP’s competitive technology is available in the form of LaserJet and Desk Jet series printers, multi-function wireless printers, portable photo sticker printers, HP Ink Advantage Ultra and HP Tank printers, business laser printers, and large format printers.

When such cutting-edge, cutting-edge printing technology is at your fingertips, outstanding performance and efficiency are almost certain to occur to make you proud. Nonetheless, there are days when your printer may cease to work due to either internal or external causes or a combination of the two.

It would help if you were not alarmed. This article is intended to provide you with the information necessary to troubleshoot and handle printer-related problems independently rather than calling a technician every time. This article will discuss ‘HP printer problem e4.’

HP printer error e4
HP printer error e4

What Causes the HP Printer E4 Error Message

Thus, what does the error message ‘HP Printer Error e4‘ indicate when it appears on your HP printer?

The ‘HP printer error e4’ error message appears when your printer stops feeding sheets, even though the paper tray is still full. The ink warning light begins to flicker, and the control panel displays an E followed by a 4. This occurs when the printer’s printing paper becomes trapped or jammed.

You may be wondering why your HP printer displays the error message ‘HP printer error e4′.

There are many possible causes for your HP printer to display the ‘HP printer error e4’ error message. Several reasons are listed below:

  • Typically, this mistake occurs when a piece of printing paper becomes caught in the printer. This might occur due to an unevenly stacked stack of paper in the paper tray or folded sheets of paper.
  • Occasionally, the problem may be on a deeper level. This means that even a little piece of paper jammed in your printer might result in this mistake.

Steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error E4

What should you do if your HP printer displays the error message ‘HP printer error e4’?

If the issue is merely a large piece of printing paper being trapped in your HP printer, you may gently remove it and restart printing by inspecting and fanning the paper stack for folded paper. However, what do you do if the piece of paper gets inside the machine and causes problems?

Let’s have a look at the actions necessary to resolve the problem. Before we begin, please make a backup of all your printing instructions and faxes.

Now, let’s examine the procedures necessary to resolve the situation for you:

  1. To begin, remove the scanner cover.
  2. This is accomplished by elevating the plastic tabs on both sides to lock in the locked open place firmly.
  3. It is critical to proceed cautiously to avoid causing any unintended harm to the hardware.
  4. Raise the scanner head to a comfortable level.
  5. Now you must verify the print head’s location.
  6. It is at rest if it is on the left or in the middle.
  7. However, if you discover it on the right, it indicates that it is still receiving printing orders.
  8. To halt the reception of orders, hold down the stop or cancel button for a few seconds to ensure the operation terminates.
  9. As a signal, the print head will return to the centre when the operation is completed.
  10. Now disconnect your HP printer from the wall socket or the ac power supply.
  11. With the tips of your fingers, gently move the print head.
  12. Examine the area thoroughly to see whether there are any stray pieces of paper.
  13. Please do not use your hands to remove any piece of paper since you may accidentally contact other printer components.
  14. Rather than that, you should gently pick up the paper scraps using tweezers to avoid harming any internal printer components.
  15. Lift the scanner to unlock it and then re-insert it to shut it. 

Thus, these are the measures that must be taken to resolve. We hope this post helped resolve your HP printer error e4 issues.

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