How To Fix HP Printer Error e2 ? Resolve the Error Now

The HP Printer Error Code e2 is a common problematic error on your HP printer. It is very easy to fix the HP e2 printer error code while restoring. This error code is actually a numeric representation that indicates that there is no communication between the printer and the system. It usually appears when a user tries to print one or more documents. Read More 

Printer Error Code e2

This e2 error appears because of :- 

The HP e2 printer error is a common problem that occurs during printing. Specifically, this error is a number indicating that there is no connection between the PC and the HP printer. The error usually occurs when the connection is weak or when the printer and computer are not properly connected. If the length of the paper does not match the length of the paper, your printer may well be hidden when printing any text. This error will be resolved when a technical support specialist is with you. Talk to our most qualified professionals and they will soon solve your mistake with simple steps.

In fact, the main reason for this error is that the communication between the computer and the printer is not properly established. If the length of the paper in the printer does not match the length of the paper, this error appears. Because of this difference, the printer will print the first page with this error.

Solution To Fix HP Printer Error Code e2

Since this error will crash your system, you may not be able to print anymore, but there is nothing to be afraid of. With simple and easy troubleshooting steps, you can get rid of this error more easily than you think. You can find better ways to fix this error with less time and effort. Visit HP Printer Help and Support to fix the root of this error.

To resolve this error, you must first cancel all print jobs in the queue. In addition, you must change the print settings in your printing software.

  • Step 1:-> You must first cancel the print jobs by clicking the Cancel button. Then change the print job settings for best results.
  • Step 2:-> Click the File menu, and then click Print to open General Print Settings.
  • Step 3:->Then you need to click on Printer Properties, Properties, or Preferences.
  • Step 4:-> Now change the layout and paper settings for your print job.
  • Step 5:-> Please change the quality and color for better print results.
  • Step 6:-> Finally, click OK, then Print.

Follow these steps to get rid of this error at the root and keep your device running smoothly.The above instructions must be followed in a Microsoft Word document.

These options can be set not only from the printer control panel, but also from the product control panel. You can create your own paper size if you do not have a paper size. Paper sizes must be in millimeters or inches.

Create a custom paper size to fix the HP  Error Code e2

  • Follow 1 :- > While holding down the Windows key on your computer keyboard, tap the letter R to create a custom paper size.
  • Follow 2 :- > A small window will appear on your computer screen. In the initial window, enter Control Printers and click OK.
  • Follow 3 :- > The printer window will appear. Click it to select your printer.
  • Follow 4 :- > Right-click your printer and select Printer Settings. Select paper size or paper/quality options for printer options.
  • Follow 5 :- > Choose larger and create your own paper size in the paper size options.
  • Follow 6 :- > Click “Save” after creating the custom paper size.
  • Follow 7 :- > Now try printing some files from your computer or printer to see if the e2 error code is fixed.
Settings for selecting the correct paper size for e2 error correction (Apple Computers):
  • Setting 1 :- In the upper right corner of your computer screen, tap the Apple icon.
  • Setting 2 :- Select a printer option from the drop-down menu. Desktop.
  • Setting 3 :- Touch the scanner and printer.
  • Setting 4 :- You can see the default paper size option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Setting 5 :- Select the correct paper size and then print.

Now the HP e2 printer error is gone.

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Hopefully, now you resolved HP e2 printer error issue . However, if you are still having problems with your HP printer error code e2, we strongly recommend that you seek assistance from the HP experts.

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