How to Fix HP Printer Error 79 ? Resolve now

Of all the troubleshooting calls we get from clients, the most often encountered is HP printer Error 79.

Whichever HP model you own, service error 79 is universal. Suffering customers contact us to see whether we can assist them in resolving the error 79 service problem.

HP printer Error 79
HP printer Error 79

The customer is more concerned about the product’s expiring warranty. We, of course, assist them in resolving this mistake by offering the most appropriate solution, but the purpose of this post is to further educate our customers.

What is the meaning of HP Printer Error 79?

This error message often appears when a print job is corrupted. Service error 79 may also be shown as a consequence of some misunderstanding between the spooler and the printer as a result of obsolete firmware.

HP Printer Service Error 79 Troubleshooting

The following are some first actions you may do if service error 70 appears on your screen.

Delete all print jobs

A large number of printing tasks or jobs that have been queued for a long period of time may confuse the printer or make it impossible for him to comprehend and command, resulting in Service Error 79. Eliminate all printing tasks from the queue.

Clearing printing tasks consists of the following steps:

  1. Shut off your printer.
  2. Examine all systems that are linked to your network printers.
  3. Eliminate all print jobs from these machines.
  4. Additionally, check the domain network and the “See What’s Printing” box to see who owns each print job.
  5. Log into each account and disable printing commands on the domain network.

Refresh the firmware

Once you’ve deleted any outstanding printing jobs, attempt to upgrade your printer’s firmware; for instructions on how to do so, see the following:

  1. Switch on your printer.
  2. To connect to the internet, connect the printer to the router using an ethernet wire.
  3. On the control panel/screen of your printer, tap the “Network” icon.
  4. Verify the printer’s IP address to verify it is connected to the network.
  5. To begin, go to the home screen and select the “Settings” button.
  6. Select Printer Update to see if there are any available firmware upgrades.
  7. The firmware update is available for download and installation.
Reboot Each Device

This is the last step in resolving HP printer problem 79.

  • Restart all network-connected devices, including your computer and router.
  • ¬†Before resuming network devices, disconnect the printer from all other network devices.
  • After updating and installing the firmware, your printer should begin printing and most likely will not display the Service Error 79.

Whatever occurs with the printer is shown properly on the printer screen. This is important to note since it has been seen many times that the computer displays the progress and ongoing tasks associated with printers when the printer is not functioning at all, is stuck, or is not responding for any reason.

It’s a good idea to glance at the printer screen rather than the computer display while upgrading the firmware or monitoring the progress of printing jobs.

Discloser :- 

If the issue continues and you continue to see Service Error 79 on your screen, then stop exploring and investing further time. To get professional assistance, call or email to us.

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