How to resolve Hp printer error 2515? When you encounter issue C on your HP printer, the computer will show the message “Ink Cartridge Carriage Stalled.”

The attention light blinks normally on the printer’s control panel, the ink level indicators blink normally, and the segment display counter shows a ‘C.’ This segment display blinks rapidly to show that the fault C has occurred in your HP 2515 printer.

Hp printer error 2515
Hp printer error 2515

“How to Fix hp 2515 printer problem c” to rest.

This error occurs while printing and indicates that the printer carriage has become stuck and is unable to move. Follow the steps below to resolve HP 2515 printer issue.

Restart the printer in Step 1.

Switch off your printer and wait 60 seconds before reactivating it.

Restarting the device usually resolves the error c issue. Print a test sheet after restarting the printer.

To print a test page, press and hold the Start copy black and Start copy colour buttons simultaneously until they produce a clicking sound.

This initiates the printing of a test page. Continue to the next step if the test page is not printed and the issue remains.

Step 2: Remove any jammed papers from the printer’s tray, base, front, and interior.

To begin, power down and disconnect the gadget. Remove any paper that may have accumulated in the device’s input tray.

Examine the tray for any paper, clips, dust, or hair that may be obstructing the printing process.

Remove any foreign items from the input tray by sliding the pick mechanism within. Additionally,

remove any papers that may be trapped in the output tray.

Step 3: Remove any stuck paper from the printer’s base.

After removing the tray, invert the device to uncover the printer’s base. At the base of the gadget, there is a cleanout door.

To release the door, just push the tabs on each side. Remove any jammed paper from the inside of the cleanout door by opening it.

Step 4: Empty the cartridges of any blocked paper.

Allow access to the cartridges by opening the cartridge access door.

Look for any paper fragments that may be interfering with the printing process. Then re-insert the cartridges and replace the cartridge holder.

Step 5: Detach the cartridge carriage from the housing. After ensuring that no bits of paper are obstructing the printing process, reconnect the printer.

Now, open the printer’s cartridge door and wait for the carriage to become quiet and idle.

Remove the printer’s power cable from the power source while it is still powered on.

Now, move the cartridge and inspect the area where it is stuck. If it becomes caught on either side, apply little pressure to ensure it can move freely.

Take hold of the cartridge and physically slide it over to ensure it is unobstructed. To begin printing, close the access door and plug the printer in.


If, however, the issue continues Hp printer error 2515 and you are unable to interpret it, you may call HP Printer customer service or a reputable specialist to promptly repair your printer.


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