[ Troubleshooting ] How to Fix Canon Printer Error B203 ?

At any given point of time you tried to print a copy from your printer, and it showed Canon Printer Error B203??

Relax! We are here to troubleshoot the issue for you.

Actually, there are some ins and outs why are you facing this error. We are going to tell you about them all in this article.

Frequently people used to face this error when they try to change the printer configuration or due to the firmware update process.

No matter whatever the reason would be, in this article you will be provided with a detailed explanation to resolve the issue.

In case you would face any kind of problem while applying the steps then you can contact us.

Before moving to the way out let’s first look at all the probable reasons so that in the future you will not repeat the same.

Reasons Behind Canon Printer Error B203

  • If you had place in the ink tank improperly then there are chances that you will face Canon Printer Error Code B203.
  • The paper jam issue could also be behind the trouble.
  • Check the paper tray and see if you have found any piece of paper or solid particles inside it. If yes, then eliminate it and then see if the issue will be solved or not.
  • The window registry issue is also the foremost reason behind the error.

Quick Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B203

Here, we have given a number of different methods to solve the trouble. Follow them one by one as given below.

Disconnecting and reconnecting Power Cable

Turn off your printer and computer and plug out all the cables from the system. Wait for sometime and then plug all the wires to the system and then switch it ON(i.e. Both printers and computers).
Now try to give several commands to the printer to print something. Check if the issue of Canon Error Code B203 got solve or still the same.
If the issue is still the same as before then move to the next method to solve the trouble.

Malware/Trojan Related Issues

A number of malware, Trojan, viruses or other spams could also be the reason behind the issue.

Hence download an antivirus to your computer system first.

After it will get install into the system, press SCAN BUTTON and let it scan the whole system.

It will tell you is there are any viruses in the system or not, if yes then delete them all and then print something out of it.

Download the Scanner

Go to the chrome and download a scanner to the computer system first and then run that to your computer system.

Before that, you have to install that to the computer system and then click on the tab of the SCAN button.

After that, you will be asked to RESOLVE ALL ERRORS, press the button and once the process will get finished then reboot the system and ON it again after some time and then the issue of Error B203 Canon will get resolve

Reset Ink Cartridges

Plug out the device from the power outlet and then open the printer and take out the cartridge from that. After that, with a wet cotton cloth clean the print-head of the printer.

After when it gets completely dry from the inside, put back all the cartridges and then plug in all the wires back to the power outlet.

Turn the printer ON and try to print something out of it.

Paper Jam Issue

It could be possible that there are some pieces of paper that got jammed inside the print-head of the printer this error is known as paper jam issue.

To get rid of that just open the print-head of the printer and then take out all the pieces if found.

Then see if there is anything between the feed paper tray and the front cover.

Reconnect the printer with the power outlet and check if the issue of Canon Printer Error B203 got solved or not.

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