How to fix the Brother Printer Error Code TS-02 ?

Each user requires optimal performance from the printing equipment. According to user desire, the Brother printer offers a pleasurable work experience with the printers. Brothers released wireless printers to revolutionise the way people print on their system. Fix the issue of Brother Printer Error  TS-02 , follow the given step below and fix .

Previously, it was prohibitively difficult to get print from printers. The Brothers business has introduced many innovative methods and features to make your life easier and more pleasant. And now, with the addition of a wireless printer, you can simply print from a previously stored location. Brother printer is one of the most well-known brand names in the printer industry. 

Brother Printer Error  TS-02
Brother Printer Error  TS-02

However, an error may occur when using the printer. The TS-02 issue is a very frequent error that occurs when the WLAN access point/router is unable to authenticate the Brother Printer using the MAC address specified in the filter. The Brother Printer Error  TS-02 indicates that the system is unable to identify the WLAN access point/router. This issue happens when the printer is connected to the system or another device by the user.

The following are the possible causes of Brother Printer Error Code TS-02:

The Brother Printer Error code TS-02 may be caused by a variety of factors. Several of the most frequent reasons are listed below.

  • It may be caused by a corrupted Windows system file.
  • Entries in the system files that are corrupted.
  • Installing or uninstalling the printer incorrectly.
  • Deleting hardware or programmes from the system in an incorrect or incomplete manner.
    When an issue occurs, keep an eye on the track to determine where and when the mistake occurred. This will aid in diagnosing the problem and save you time and effort.

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code TS-02:

The instructions below outline how to resolve Brother Printer Error Code TS-02. To troubleshoot the issue, use the following techniques in increasing order.

Step 1 : To begin, verify that the WLAN access point/router is powered on.
Step 2 : Next, connect to the Internet through a built-in wireless LAN to ensure that the WLAN access point/router is functioning correctly.
Step 3 : After that, relocate the printer to a barrier-free location or close proximity to the WLAN access point/router to improve network connection.
Step 4 : Then, within 1 metre or 3.3 feet of the WLAN access point, “Run” the temporary location of your printer.
Step 5: If the WLAN access point/router supports MAC address filtering, ensure that the Brother printer’s MAC address is permitted in the filter.
Step 6: Keep in mind that your Brother printer operates on the 4 GHz frequency band. Additionally, if your system operates in the 5 GHz band, the printer TS- 02 error will appear on your device.
Step 7:     From your Brother printer’s Control Panel, choose the Setup Wizard option.
Step 8:    Alternatively, you may input the SSID and security details manually.
Therefore, validate it by inputting all pertinent information into the gadget.
Step 9:    Before proceeding forward, you must verify the SSID and security details.
Step 10 : After the procedure is complete, restart your Brother printer.

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