How to fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320?

How to resolve Samsung Printer Error 2320? Samsung is a market leader in electrical goods, which includes high-quality printers. Since their introduction, they have grown in popularity among printer users due to their consistency in terms of quality and performance.

However, people are sometimes disappointed by the Samsung printer error code U1 2320. The fuser unit mainly causes this error. Therefore, anytime you encounter a problem, you must address it immediately. This post explores many possible reasons for the Samsung printer error code U1 2320 and how to resolve it independently.


Techniques for Resolving Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320

This Samsung printer error code U1 2320 is not difficult to resolve; follow the steps outlined below.

Method 1: Perform a soft reset on your Samsung printer

One of the most fundamental strategies for quickly resolving the error code. To begin, switch off your printer. Following that, open the fuser unit to inspect it. Restart your printer and wait a few moments to see if the problem is still happening.

Method 2: Carry out a factory reset

To use this procedure, first, hold down the F8 key for a few seconds and then hit “Repair your computer.” Following that, click on the Next option and enter your login and password.

Finally, tap on the “System Recovery” option and then OK. Simultaneously press the back, power, and home buttons. A notice appears on the screen, requesting that you hit any key to proceed with the restoration procedure. As the restoration process progresses, verify whether or not the error code has been addressed.

3rd Method: Inspect the Fuser Unit

Another possibility for resolving the Samsung printer error number U1 2320. To begin, switch off your printer and remove the fuser unit. Then, verify that the fuser connection is securely connected to your printer.

Following that, determine if the input voltage supply is regular. Additionally, inspect the thermistor. If it is defective, replace it.

Method 4:-  Update Device Driver 

A driver that is out of date prevents your Samsung printer from printing. As a result, it is critical to update the driver as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Check to see whether the driver is corrupted.

If you answered yes, open the Start menu and choose the Search option.

Following that, type and enter “Device Manager,” which will bring up a new page. Select the appropriate choice from the list and click the Update button. Restart your device after the updates are complete.

Method 5: Inspect the Fuser Unit’s Temperature

Factors Contributing to Samsung Printer U1 2320-

  • If you see this Samsung printer error code U1 2320, there are likely underlying reasons. Therefore, let us examine them one by one.
  • Using an out-of-date driver: Occasionally, you may be using an out-of-date driver incompatible with your device, resulting in this problem with your printer.
  • As previously stated, this error number is connected to a faulty fuser unit. The Fuser unit is a detachable component of the printer that should be updated regularly.
  • The fuser is in charge of rapidly adjusting the temperature. Thus, if the system becomes overheated, there is a good chance of seeing this error code.
  • At times, your Samsung printer’s software may be infected with a virus or malware. As a result, the printer cannot effectively finish the printing job, resulting in a Samsung error U1 2320.
  • In rare instances, your printer’s fuser unit becomes overheated. As a result, you may encounter Samsung Printer u1 2320. As a result, you must inspect the fuser unit’s Temperature Control. Whether the temperature is not mild, lower it and check to see if the problem has been rectified.

Follow These Steps to Resolve Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320 –

  1. To begin, power down your Samsung printer and then replace the fuser unit. After that, restart your Samsung printer and verify if you are still experiencing printer code 2320 or not.
  2. If the issue continues, power down your printer and remove the fuser device.

a) Verify that the fuser connection is correctly attached.

c) Normal input voltage.

b) Additionally, inspect the thermistor for twisting or contamination.


If the issue persists after verifying the fuser connector’s continuity, you should immediately contact Samsung Printer’s professionals, as only they can provide the best solution to solve Samsung Printer Error 2320.

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