Basic Steps to Fix Printer Not Responding Issue?

The printer Not Responding Issue is one of the most common yet most troubling errors that a user faces with their printers very often.

These conditions suck when you have to print some important documents, but your printer seems to be upset. People feel tense and start exploring the internet to get some easy way out to fix the Printer Not Responding Issue.

We hope this article will answer your all questions. With the help of practical experiences of our skilled printer technicians, we have mentioned the steps to fix the Printer Not Responding Issue. You will be able to learn several tried and tested methods of fixing these printer issues.

Printer Not Responding Issue
Printer Not Responding Issue

Basic Steps to Fix Printer Not Responding

You may feel missing when you first notice that your printer is not responding at all. The situation further seems strange when you get the “Printer Not Responding” error displayed on your screen.

The current situation simply means that you cannot proceed with your printing jobs unless you fix this error. Don’t worry; you can fix it by following the easy steps mentioned below.

Here are details of a few primary troubleshooting steps that you can apply easily. If you are not tech savvy, then you can directly get in touch with our experts. They will help you in providing the best and reliable solutions.

In case you are tech-savvy and wants to fix the error yourself then dig deep to learn what these troubleshooting tricks are.

Whatever brand or model you are using; the first and foremost thing to examine is your printer’s connection. Any fight between printer, computer, or network settings can get you to see several printer errors.

Printer’s USB Cable Connection

Using an Ethernet cable to connect the printer to the network is a great idea. But a difficult Ethernet cable or any loose connection could struggle you in a black hole.

Here it calls for review first; If you have connected printer and computer through USB cable, you need to check the following things:

  • Directly connect your printer to your computer without using any hub.
  • You need to ensure the printer, and the computer is well connected through a cable, i.e., both ends of the USB cable is inserted properly.
  • Ensure the USB cable is well placed in both end USB ports.
  • Try to use another Ethernet cable to connect your devices. Your current cable might be faulty.

If the cable was faulty, changing it with a new USB will certainly fix your Printer Not Responding issue. If you need any further help with the cable connectivity of the printer, you can directly contact our experts.

Bluetooth Connection to Printer

This point will explain the checks you should do if you have connected your printer using Bluetooth. Read wisely and do the following:

If Bluetooth connectivity was the main cause, then re-pairing action will solve your Printer Not Responding Issue.

Network Printer Setup Status

If your printer is part of a running network at your place, then you should check the various status traits. Multiple checks apply on wired and wireless printers; check the below-mentioned points:

  • You need to make sure that your computer and printer are working on the same network.
  • Connect your computer to the printer directly via cable to set up a printer in the network.
  • You need to ensure you have set your printer as “Default” in system settings.
  • Check if you are giving commands to the correct printer (this applies where you have multiple printers installed in the network)
  • Now, Check the Wi-Fi network IP is the same as the printer’s IP.
  • Check for any Wi-Fi network instructions.

For Wired Printers:

You need to check all physical cable connections: Scroll up to read this section in detail.

For Wireless Printers:

Just in case you are using a wireless printer then take out it from your network. Delete all the Wi-Fi network details. Add back your printer to the network and set up the connection again.

For better understanding, you can also refer to your printer manual to check the steps while re-connecting your printer to the network. So, that you can fix Printer Not Responding Issue.

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