How to fix Lexmark X5650 cartridge error?

While the Lexmark X5650 cartridge error may annoy some users from time to time, it is not a cause for alarm and is often resolved with some easy troubleshooting.

The issue may be the consequence of a failed connection between one of the cartridges and the AIO. Additionally, one of the printheads may have a short.

Lexmark X5650 cartridge error
Lexmark X5650 cartridge error

Troubleshoot now Lexmark X5650 cartridge error:-

  1. To begin resolving the problem, one must first ensure that the printer is turned on. After that, the printer’s cover should be removed.
  2. Unless the All in One is in operation, the print cartridge carrier normally comes to a halt in between movements at the loading position.
  3. If the carrier is not in the centre, the printer should be removed from the power supply and carefully positioned in the centre.
  4. Remove both cartridges from the carrier and then shut the printer lid.
  5. After 30 seconds, the black power supply box behind the printer—where the power cable is plugged—must be disconnected and replugged.
  6. After re-powering the printer, the cartridge must be inserted first.
  7. Replace the printer cover and, if there are no problems, the cartridge may be reinserted and the printer cover securely replaced.
  8. Replace the Lexmark cartridge that caused the problem with a fresh one. Print a test page to verify that the printer is functioning correctly.

There are many more error messages that appear, the majority of them occur when the cartridge is placed improperly. Incorrect installation of cartridge replacements results in communication difficulties and may also result in alignment issues.

Another possibility is that some trash or other foreign substance has obstructed the cartridge’s route. The toner sensor may potentially be malfunctioning, and this might be a signal to replace the cartridge.

There are several simple remedies to these issues as well, like verifying the alignment of each cartridge once the printer has been turned off. Additionally, the cartridges should be securely secured or snapped into place.

The control panel should operate normally. Additionally, after the cartridge is replaced and the power is turned on, let the printer some time reading the cartridges. Rep the procedure if the issue persists, and replace the cartridge with a fresh one.


If, however, the issue continues Lexmark X5650 cartridge error and you are unable to interpret it, you may call HP Printer customer service or a reputable specialist to promptly repair your printer.

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