How to Resolve or Fix Lexmark Printer Error 1203?

Lexmark printers are well-known for their superior service. It is extremely easy to use for anyone. This machine enables you to print multiple documents with a single click. However, users occasionally encounter some common printing errors. Lexmark printer error 1203 is a very common error code that can be caused by a variety of different factors.

Lexmark printer error 1203
Lexmark printer error 1203

If you are experiencing this type of error, you do not need to be concerned. The experts are always available to assist. They will easily provide you with one of the best solutions. The experts are extremely knowledgeable about how to resolve Lexmark error code 1203, so you do not need to be concerned.  Prior to implementing the solutions, it is necessary to understand the causes of this error. This post discusses several of the possible causes of this error.

Lexmark printer error 1203 causes

There are several possible causes of the printing device error. Prior to resolving this error, it is necessary to understand its cause. Below are the possible causes of error 1203.

  • The printer could be a control panel error.
  • A cartridge issue may result in the same error.
  • Along with the operator panel fault, another possible cause of the same issue.
  • This error occurs as a result of the cartridges’ incomplete installation phase.
  • The error occurs as a result of dust and debris on the printer head.

How to troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error 1203

  1. To resolve the code 1203, you must power on your printing machine.
  2. Pull the control panel toward you and proceed to the cartridge door.
  3. Following that, open the cartridge access door and allow the cartridge carrier to move.
  4. When it comes to a halt in the loading position, you must draw the old cartridge toward you.
  5. When the cartridges have been removed from the printing machine, close the access door.
  6. Now, close the control panel and power down the printer.
  7. Restart the printer and check the operator panel for an error.
  8. If the message reappears, there is a hardware problem with the printer.
  9. If the error message appears, the cartridge is missing; you must proceed to the next step to correct the problem.
  10. Cartridges from within the printing machine
  11. The colour cartridges should now be placed and the black cartridges inserted.
  12. Reposition the cartridges until they are securely in place.
  13. Close the control panel after switching the cartridge access door.
  14. If the error persists, reposition the cartridge to determine which one is causing the problem.
  15. To resolve this issue, remove the damaged cartridges.

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By following all of the instructions, it will be much simpler to fix this  problem. However, you may also contact the Printer Support staff. Fix now the error Lexmark printer error 900.00 in few steps .

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