How do i fix hp printer error code 49 ?

HP Printer Error code 49 may be caused by a bad command, corrupted data, invalid operations, firmware and/or computer, or by components such as an EIO card or memory described in HP’s Print Service Manual. According to some accounts, extra trays, duplexers, feeders, and the like may produce such an error under specific situations.

This error code also happens when data received by a printer is not understood or is too sophisticated due to the use of a particular language, detail, font, command, or animated gif. Error 49 has long been a cause of anxiety for many HP printer owners. This is a rather typical mistake that regularly occurs with LaserJet printers.

Professional technicians conducted an exhaustive study and analysis and discovered that the problem is largely caused by three factors: a software flaw, a formatter or firmware defect, and a communication issue.

Secondary errors such as 49.4C02, 49.4CF2, and so on are related to the Code 49 failure.

Have you ever used an HP LaserJet printer and received similar errors like the ones shown on the printer head? Then continue reading to understand how to resolve the HP printer code 49 issue. We interviewed numerous skilled printer technicians before presenting solutions for repairing the 49 issues.

Printer Error code 49
hp printer error code 49

Several steps are listed below to resolve your HP Printer Error code 49

 Step 1: To clear the memory, click “Cancel Job.”

  • As recommended by HP’s printer professionals, we strongly advise you to press the printer’s “Cancel Job” button. This will assist the printer in clearing its memory of previous printing jobs.
  • Now switch off your printer, wait a few moments, and then turn it back on to verify that the Code 49 error is still displayed on the printer display. If this method does not work, proceed to

Step 2: Conduct a print test using a different piece of software.

  • It is recommended that you test print from a different software application at this time. If the printing appears to be flawless, return to the previous programme and attempt to print a different file. This enables you to determine whether the printer is performing optimally without displaying the same problem.

Step 3: Select the “Power-Cycle” method.

  • Known as the most popular yet most effective advice, the power cycle procedure is good for resolving any faults, whether they are 49 or something else.
  • Remove all wires and connections from the printer. This step is required if the error code continues to occur when using various software applications and printing.

If  issues arise with the HP Printer error code 49:

  • Remove the network cable and clear the print signal –Power the printer and observe whether the mistake happens again. If this is not the case, it may be caused by an excessively complex print job or by the usage of a graphic that the printer does not support or recognise.
  • Convert your document: Convert your file to a different software application. Convert Word to PDF or vice versa, for example. The logic behind this is that the printer presumably does not know how to deal with a command in the document. The data is re-formatted when the document is converted to new software.
  • Takeout a network card of the JetDirect –Remove a networked card and disable the printer. Remove a network card. If the card removes an error, it is probably a malfunctioning card.
  • Delete the hard drive of the printer. Delete the hard drive of the printer if applicable. If the failure deletes, the hard drive could be defective.
  • Remove any other printer memory-No removal may be made of printers that contain DIMM memory as a firmware backup.
  • Repeat all factory settings with a cold reset. (IP address included)
  • The current printer driver installation
  • Upgrade Firmware for Printers.

Replace Printer’s Formatter Board – The formatter is to be replaced if the DIMM-CFM firmware has been updated and the 49 error continues.

On certain models, the firmware must be replaced internally by the former. Some printers contain a firmware DIMM, but Flash ROM cannot be changed, hence the DIMM needs to be replaced. More recent models can be upgraded or flashed on HP’s websites, mainly using the flash ROM, CFM and EMMC.


If the hp printer error code 49, you can have your printer repaired. We hope the above solution can help you fix your Printer Error code 49 problem. We help you to Fix you all Printer Error Visit now to solve your error.


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