Easy Steps to Fix Error e02 On the Canon Printer

As the level of modernity is growing the printer is becoming an essential part of our life. Printers play a very vital role in our daily life. Wherever you go whether it is schools or colleges, shops, or hospitals, printers are needed.

Mostly people use Canon printer for better printing. Canon is also the most favorite and one of the well-known printers.

So if you are Canon user and facing the most common error i.e. Error e02 on your Canon Printer then, don’t worry, this error will not be going to damage your device, your device is all well. It is just a very minor issue. You can easily handle this problem.

Causes of Canon Printer Error e02

There are some symptoms that are caused before the error and it would be useful to know the issue properly. Below are the some:

• The printer overheats.
• The printer does not print properly.
• Ink leakage.
• Fusion problem.

It’s just a very common error that you can easily fix on your own.

You just have to do nothing, only you need to follow the steps mentioned below carefully. We have directed you properly step by step through this article.

To fix this error on your own do not skip any of the steps mentioned below. Are you ready to fix this error on your own?

Easy Steps to Fix the Canon Error Code e02 Quickly.

The steps are quite simple and upfront and without doubt will help you to get help from the Canon printer error e02 soon.

If in any case, you get stuck somewhere or get confused then just feel free to get in touch with our experts. Our experts will surely help you by providing bets and reliable solutions to you.

Switch Off the Printer

Have you switched your printer off? No? Close it right now! The primary reason causing error e02 is that your printer is overheated. So all you have to do is to switch the printer off.

Disconnect The Network Connection

To mend this error, you have to put your device in relax mode. Just disconnect the network connected to the printer properly.

Remove The Cables

After switching off the device remove the wires from the printer, if you have connected a LAN wire then also take out that wire.

Place In Cool

You need to place your device in a cool place. Make sure to not put the printer in the direct cooling, like in front of the AC, cooler or Fan at least maintain 2 or 3 feet of distance.

Check The Ink Cartridge

When the printer gets too-much heated it also upsets the ink of the printer. And if you do not know then let us clear you that ink doesn’t bear heat. As heat causes ink leakage problems because of high compression and cause empty ink cartridge issue.

So, just have a look at the Cartridge section, if the ink is leaked then just replace it and clean the printer properly.

Check The Internal Parts

Overheat can not only damage the ink cartridge but can also cause harm to your printer’s internal parts. So, also check the printer internal parts very cautiously. Do this very delicately.

Check The Tray

Also, you need to make sure that the printer tray is not loaded with many sheets. If your printer is overloaded with the sheets, then take out the half of the sheets. Do not insert too many papers. It will damage your device.

Look for The Paper

Also, you need to check that is there any paper stuck inside the printer or not? If you find any paper or scrap, then very cautiously remove the paper or scarp.

Do not try to pull the paper otherwise, the paper will half there in the printer and also harm the sensitive parts of your printer.

So, it would be better for you to be very careful while removing the scarp or paper form your printer.

Restart The Printer

Now, it’s time to restart the printer. Just connect the wires with the printer and plug in the wire and switch on the printer.

When it turns on, connect your printer with a suitable internet connection.

• Make sure the internet is not connected to the other devices.
• Also, ensure that there would be no hurdles between your device and the router.

To avoid this error further you need to make sure to note the below-mentioned points.

• Do not switch on the printer when it is not in need.
• Do not print many files together.
• If you think anything is wrong with your printer, do not forcefully try to print.
• If the print is overheated, then avoid printing and let your printer to rest.

We except that you will definitely note the above mentioned points and also will follow all of them properly.

If you are one of those users who are still facing the error e02 then you can freely get in contact with our experts. They will guide you in providing the best and reliable solutions.

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