How to fix Canon Printer Error 5011?

How to resolve Canon Printer Error 5011? Canon is a Japanese manufacturer of optical and other image devices. Their diverse product line includes printers, camcorders, and cameras. They are renowned for their superior print quality and adaptability.

Canon Printer Error 5011
Canon Printer Error 5011

Canon printers are used in both homes and workplaces and are considered to be one of the greatest brands of printing in the world.

Despite their unparalleled quality and speed, Canon printers have their own quirks. These flaws must be addressed promptly before they begin to wreak havoc on the gadget.

To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5011, either take your equipment to a professional or follow the easy procedures provided. This ensures an error-free printing experience.

If the cartridge holder is jammed, you will get the Canon 5011 error. Canon states that the printer requires repair; however, before entrusting your printer to Canon, try the following procedures to resolve the issue.

Causes of Canon Printer Error 5011

There are several possible reasons for your printer to experience an error. These are the causes:

  1. Canon Printer Error 5011 is caused by a broken scanner unit.
  2. Dirt or any other external item lodged within the scanner obstructs the scanner’s mobility.
  3. The flexible data cable has either snapped or moved.
  4. The mainboard has sustained damage or a block.

The steps below will assist you in recovering from Canon error 5011

The following are some of the procedures that will assist you in resolving Canon printer issues. They are as follows:

  1. Disconnect the cable from the power source.
  2. Wait ten minutes before reconnecting the cable.
  3. Switch off the printer.
  4. Open the lid as if changing the ink cartridge, then switch on the printer and shut the cover.
  5. Simultaneously, turn off the printer, press and hold power, and then cancel. Keep your finger on the power button and let go of the cancel.
  6. Four times press the cancel button and then release both.
  7. Examine your printer for extraneous things such as paper and other objects.
  8. Clean the encoder strip carefully, which is placed behind the cartridge and runs from right to left.
  9. If feasible, replace the scanning device. This may resolve your concerns.

Step-2: If the preceding approach did not work, try this one.

The printer ink cartridge enables you to look for a piece of paper or a foreign item throughout this operation. Regardless matter whether it is a little piece of paper or any other alien item, thoroughly inspect it. If it is discovered, carefully remove it from the printer’s system and verify that this resolves the issue.


If, however, the issue continues  Canon Printer Error 5011 and you are unable to interpret it, you may call HP Printer customer service or a reputable specialist to promptly repair your printer.

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