How to fix Epson printer error code l120?

how to fix printer error epson l210? Epson is a Japanese electronics manufacturer. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers, imaging equipment, and information technology. The company is most known for its printers, but it also offers a wide variety of other items in a number of countries.

We shall address the printer fault in this post in which both the “Power” and “Error” Lights flash continually.

Epson printer error code l120
Epson printer error code l120

What Causes the Epson L120’s Both Lights to Flash?

We decided to study the issue after receiving numerous reports from diverse customers and devised a series of solutions to totally resolve it. Additionally, we investigated the possible causes of this issue and listed them below.

Jammed Paper: In some instances, some paper may become stuck inside the printer, halting the printing process. This inhibits the printer from printing properly and may also result in the error and power lights flashing continuously.

Stuck Printer Head: In some instances, the printer head may encounter resistance as it travels along the rails. There is a possibility that a foreign object or a shard of plastic from the printer is obstructing the head’s path. Additionally, the error is triggered if the printer head is unable to move across the tracks.

Paper Pulling Sensor: In some situations, the paper pulling sensor may become detached from the stand, preventing the paper from being drawn inside for printing and triggering the error.

  • It is likely that one or both of the encoder sensors have been destroyed completely or partially. In some instances, the sensors may be filthy, triggering the error.
  • After you’ve gained a fundamental knowledge of the problem’s nature, we’ll move on to the remedies. Assemble these in the sequence in which they are presented.

Solution 1: Printer with PowerCycling

In some instances, the printing process may be halted due to a printer malfunction. As a result, we will power cycle the printer in this phase. For that reason:

  • Disconnect the power adapter for the printer from the wall outlet.
  • For at least 30 seconds, press and hold the “Power” button.
  • Reconnect the electricity and push the power button.
  • Print something and observe if the problem persists.

Note: All Additional Solutions will necessitate physically removing the printer’s cover. This may void your warranty or result in irreversible damage to your printer. Proceed with caution in the phases ahead.

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  • Removing the Printer’s Lid: The printer’s case is held together by six screws.
  • Certain screws may be hidden beneath the “warranty” markings.
  • Remove all screws, ink cartridges, and cases using force at the joints.

Solution 2: Clearing Paper Jams In some circumstances, there may be some paper jams in the printer, delaying the printing process and triggering the error.

Therefore, after the printer is opened, check for and remove any paper jams inside. Examine the printer to determine if the problem persists after removing the paper jam.

Checking for Resistance as a Third Option

Perhaps a foreign object or a shard of plastic from the printer has been lodged within. As a result, ensure that no object is obstructing the printer’s normal operation. Remove any loose objects that are not attached to the printer in any way and check to see if this resolves the issue.

Cleaning Encoder Sensors

  • The printer contains two encoder sensors. The first is a tape encoder sensor mounted on the rail along which the printer head travels, and the second is a circular encoder sensor mounted on the printer’s right side.
  • Ensure that each of these is cleaned with a tissue and some water. Before proceeding, ensure that no trace of water remains. After cleaning the sensors, check to see whether the issue persists.

5th Solution: Examining the Paper Pulling Sensor

Occasionally, the paper pulling sensor may become detached from the pedestal. Ascertain that the paper pulling sensor is securely mounted on the stand and capable of pulling the paper. Check to see whether the issue persists after adjusting the sensor. Epson printer error code I120?

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