Quick Steps to Fix Epson Error Code 0x69 Issue

If you have Epson Printer models like WF-3620, WF-4630, WF-3640 and WF-7610 then it’s very common that you would face the Epson error code 0x69 issue.

Because of this error, your printer stops working all of a sudden and every time when you try to print something out of it, it shows error 0x69.

Mainly, this causes when there is some problem with the internal hardware like failing of motherboard or other internal parts.

Follow the Steps given below to fix Epson error ox69

You can solve this issue by using several different methods. Epson error code 0x69 is caused due to a hardware problem that is not a novel thing in Epson printers. Issue could be a motherboard failure or any other internal part.

In that case, either the printer stops working or automatically turns off every time you give the command.

Unplug the printer:

Switch your printer off and open its case. Check if there is any paper that by any chance got stuck inside it. If you found one, then try to take out it gently without causing any harm to the printer.

Remove the cartridge:

If you find that the issue is still not resolved, then another thing you can do is to remove the cartridge from the printer. But before that make sure that the printer is turn off properly.

• Try Microsoft’s troubleshooting tool:

We all are aware with Microsoft; it offers troubleshooting tools to deal with the issues like Epson error 0x69.

Install it in your computer system and allow it to run successfully. Check if the problem is resolved or not.

Clean head and nozzle:

Blocked nozzle of the printer could be the cause behind the problem you are dealing with. To clean the nozzle first switch off the printer. And with the help of an expert open the printer and clean the nozzle so that the ink could clearly run through nozzles and you will get a clear print.

Note: Printer is one of the essential things and we get to know this when we have an emergency and printer does not work. Hence, we should take good care of the printer, clean it daily and cover it with a cloth after its use. A small amount of dirt could be the reason behind its inappropriate functioning.

If problem still remains unresolved then, you just have to call the experts who are sitting to help you 24*7. They will solve your issue in no time.

Epson Helpline Service:

If you have tried all the above techniques to fix Epson error code 0x69 and find the issue the same as before then don’t worry, we have one more alternative for you and that is our helpline service.

Epson helpline services is willingly waiting to take your call and give advice to you how to solve this kind of issue.

For them, this particular issue is nothing as they are extremely knowledgeable and they solved these kinds of problems every minute. Feel free to visit our website to know more.


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