How to fix Dell Printer Error Code 1203 ?

Dell is a leading printer manufacturer, well-known for its user-friendly printers. If you’ve been a long-time user of Dell printers, you’ve probably seen an ink cartridge issue a few times. One such issue is Dell Printer Error 1203 which happens on Dell Printers when the ink cartridges malfunction.

There are many reasons for such ink cartridge error warnings, including ink overflow in a brand-new cartridge, paper jams, and ink smeared with the cartridge. We can assist you in determining the most effective and efficient methods for resolving Dell Printer Error 1203 and resolving it successfully.

Dell Printer Error 1203
Dell Printer Error 1203

Maintain a Clean Printer Cartridge

  1. To clean the cartridge, turn off the printer and remove the lid.
  2. Now, wipe the cartridge clean with a damp tissue or towel.
  3. Allow 5 minutes. Connect the printer wire to the power socket after closing the lid.

Verify the Connection to the Printer

  1. Inspect the cable connection for any issues.
  2. Disconnect the printer’s power source from the wall outlet.
  3. If it is directly linked to the computer, disconnect the cord from the computer.
  4. Wait two minutes before reconnecting it.

Now, check for the error notice on the printer’s display; if it remains visible, go to the following step.

Ink Cartridge Replacement

  1. If you have installed a new cartridge, remove it and return it to the store where you bought it or replace it.
  2. After obtaining the replacement cartridge, power on the printer by pushing the power button.
  3. Open the top cover and continue holding it open until the carriage slides to the printer’s right side.
  4. Remove the old ink cartridge by pressing it down.
  5. Clean the printer’s interior components using a wet cloth.
  6. Allow a few seconds. Replace the cartridge, correctly install it, and shut the top cover.
  7. Restart the computer and printer and look for an error message.

Troubleshooting PC Repair

Each computer has an integrated PC troubleshooter that assists in identifying and resolving a variety of computer and hardware-related problems. Ascertain that the print queue is empty. To begin, go to the ‘Start menu and type ‘Troubleshooting’. Select “printer” and perform a troubleshooting procedure to resolve printer spooler issues and the error message 1203 on your Dell printer. If the system prompts you to update drivers or displays a warning about ‘conflicting drivers,’ go to the next step.

Remove and reinstall the driver

  1. Open Control Panel by clicking on the Start menu. Click on Device Manager in the System menu.
  2. If an exclamation point appears next to the Dell printer, this indicates that the issue is with the driver.
  3. The newest version of printer drivers is available on the Dell website.
  4. Once the drivers have been downloaded, open the driver’s file and click on Run.


Recheck for the message Fix Dell Printer Error 1203. If the problem persists, contact Dell Technical Support for further help or component replacement.

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