Quick Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error u052 [Complete Guide]

These days Canon Printers are in demand. People just love to use Canon as it is the most remarkable printer. It has numerous features and it also prints in full HD, it works very efficiently, fast and clearly.

Although these printers are well known for their finest quality printing, there are several issues that these printers can face. One of these issues could be Fix Canon Printer Error u052.

Don’t worry, you will be soon able to resolve Canon Printer Code u052 by your own, it is a very normal issue.

Complete guide to fix the Canon printer error u052:

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So, before fixing this Canon Printer Error u052 you should know what this Canon Printer u052 error means and what is the reason for this error that is screening on your device.

As error u052 on the Canon Printer is not a very huge issue it is just a print head fails issue.

As now you are aware of what the Canon Printer error u0522 on your device means, but you are still not out of this situation. You need to follow some of the steps to take out this error from your Canon Printer.

Steps to Fix the Canon Printer Error u052

These steps are very simple and effective to do. If you follow these steps correctly, then you will definitely get good results. So, let’s start, have a look!

Restart Your Device:

So, the first and foremost step to fix this error is to restart your device. Sometimes it gets offline or due to more exceeding printing.

So, it’s very important to reset your device to remove all the unnecessary data.

Steps to Restart Your Printer:

  • Firstly, you will see a power switch placed on the Canon printer, just you need to press that turn off button.
  • Now, you need to wait for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • After the time completes you have to turn it on, by the same process, press that power of switch again.
  • Now, your device is restarted, but how will you know, right? So, you will get to know if your device is restarted or not by observing the display. If date or time appears on the display, then it means you cleared the first step.

Some users will be out of this issue now. If issue still persists for some users, then they can jump to next step.

Clean it:

So now it’s a very common thing which can be a major reason for the Canon printer Error u052 is screening because of a piece of paper that is stuck on your printer.

Now let’s learn how to fix this issue on your own, just wisely follow below mentioned steps.

  • Open the printer cover.
  • After opening the printer cover just Look for any jammed paper carefully.
  • If you have found any paper, then follow the further steps.
  • Remove that or also check the right and left side of the print head.
  • After checking there, cover it again.
  • And open the jam clear cover.
  • Open the inside cover.
  • If you find any jammed paper just take out it from there.
  • Now, close the inside and jam cover.
  • Unplug the machine from the power outlet for 5 seconds.
  • Now you just need to re-plugin.

You need to make sure that there should be no unwanted particles like a small piece of paper or a bunch of dust. If such unwanted particles are found in your scanner, then it will harm your device too.

Cleanliness is essential for everyone, make sure you clean your Canon printer once a week so that it will not create such a situation that troubles you.

  • Open your Canon printer.
  • Get the cartridges into the cartridges replacement position.
  • Double-check both of the cartridges installed there.
  • You need to make sure, that your cartridges both carry the correct codes for your printer, it’s very important.
  • If you want to check the correct codes, then just google the model number and from there you will easily find the information whether it is correct or not.
  • Next, we need to make sure the cartridges are clean, if it will be not clean or it would be damaged then it won’t be able to identify correctly.
  • Just give them a quick wipe with a small piece of cloth.
  • Also, clean the contacts too.

We hope, after following the above mentioned steps you are now out of this issue, and that is exactly what we want.
But if issue still persists, then just get in contact with our experts.

They will help you and will provide you with the most reliable and trust worthy solutions.

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