How to fix the Canon Printer Error U052 ? Resolve now

Many users with Canon printers see the problem notice, “Canon Printer Error U052″ It’s wrong this kind of print head.” On Canon printers, it is a frequent mistake and is very simple to fix.

Canon Printer Error U052
Canon Printer Error U052

The U052 kind of error message has two distinct situations.

One is when the head of the printing is completely not mounted and the ‘U052’ error is given.
And, the second situation is when the head of the print is installed, but the head doesn’t operate correctly. In the next part, the problem solving of both situations is shown step by step.

Installing Print Head Canon Printer Error U052

1. To access printer cartridges and printer head, open the top lid of the printer. 1. The push-up slot lifts automatically to the centre front of the printer when you open the top deck.

2. Unplug the switchboard printer. 2. Ensure the cartridge lever is raised on the side of the cartridge cage. The cartridge slot is not moving automatically in this position.

3. Remove the whole slot cartridge ink cartridge.

The black print head will be exposed to removal of cartridges. Remove the printer head from the printer now very carefully. The method for removing the print head is to grasp it, pull it gently and take it out where the cartridges are to be put.

5. The print head is then cleaned using the basic cycle.

6. Return the print head and ink cartridges to the printer and ensure that no open doors are present and the lever is restored.

7. Close the printer’s top cover.

8. Turn the printer on. 8.

9. Take a test print to verify that the U052 Error has been fixed.

Get U052 installed without a printer head

1. Turn the printer off.

2. Open the printer’s top cover. If the printer does not have a cartouche or a printed head, the cartridge slots would of course be positioned on the central front of the printer and its lever would be raised.

3. Install the sliding track’s head next to the slot of the cartouches.

4. Set the cartouches to the slots of the cartridge. Squeeze the lever and ensure there is no open door and correct mounting of the cartouches and print heads.

5. Close the printer’s top cover.

6. ON the printer switch.

7. Take a test print to verify whether the U052 error has been fixed.

8. To fix ‘U052′ issue in the Canon Printer This print head is wrong,’ in the event of one of the situations the aforementioned method to debugging would work. Contact Canon Helpline or a printer specialist if the issue continues.

The U051/U052 error indicates that there was a communication problem with the printer head. Either the print head is not correctly placed, or the hardware failure may cause this.

The following mistakes are indicated in the codes:
Print head U051 No printer head fitted. Set up the head of the print.
U052 Print head type is wrong. Install the right head of print.

Follow these procedures to ensure the print head is sitting correctly:

Make sure the printer is on and open the output tray carefully.

  • Lift the lid of the scanner and keep it open (A). The head of the printer moves to the location of replacement.
    Push the tab (B) and remove the ink tank. Do not touch the head lock handle of the printed head (C).
    Removal of the printed head lock lever after removing the tanks.
  • Turn the front of the machine slightly and pull it out carefully.
    Tilt and position the print head. Completely decrease the head lock lever (E). Insert the front end of the tank in a tilt in the print head. Ensure the location of the ink tank corresponds to the label.
  • Push the tin tank on until the tin tank snaps securely. Enforce the red lights on the ink lamp. ​​
  • Do not touch <1>, electrical connections <2>, or ports of ink supply <3> on printed head. This may lead to difficulties with printing.
    Check the waggon area and remove any packaging material or ripped paper or other external items before continuing the following step.
  • Return your cover to its original location and carefully shut the cover to set the support for the scanning unit.
  • The machine will automatically start cleaning the print head when you start the next print job. Before beginning another task, wait for the procedure to finish.

If the following procedures don’t fix the problem you will need servicing on your printer.

Please create or log in to your Canon account to view your technical support choices, if your product problem hasn’t been addressed after the preceding steps or if you need more assistance.

Discloser :-

In this post, you learned three tried and true ways for Canon Printer Error U052 which is often encountered in Canon printers.

If the issue continues, you should consider replacing the printer, since print heads are often not much less expensive than replacing the whole printer.

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