How to Fix Canon Printer Error e02 ? Resolve now

Through this article, I’ll help you in resolving Canon printer Error E02 as quickly as possible. However, let us first define the words “E” and “E02.

Canon printer Error E02
Canon printer Error E02

The ā€œEā€ in this sentence stands for error, and it displays on the printer screen or LED of the model number dependent on the kind of printer.

What is Error E02 on Canon Printers?

Despite the fact that it is filled with a large number of paper sheets, your printer has run out of paper.
The Canon printer’s paper feed rollers are unable to take up paper from the paper tray.
The paper tray of the printer is not properly loaded.
When a Canon printer encounters fault E02, the warning light on the printer illuminates orange. An error code is then shown on the LED or printer screen. For instance, ERROR E02.

To resolve the Canon Printer e02 problem, follow these instructions for properly loading plain or picture sheets.

  • Flip over the sheets before putting them into the printer paper tray to ensure they are not glued together.
  • If this is the case, substitute new papers for the defective ones.
  • Ensure that the edges of the sheets are aligned before putting them into the printer’s paper tray.
  • This makes it simpler for the printer to pick individual sheets of paper.
  • Papers should not exceed the Canon printer’s stated paper load capacity, since this will result in a paper jam.
  • Numerous sheets of paper may be scooped up by printer rollers, resulting in printer damage.
  • The maximum paper load in the front tray is about 100 sheets, while the maximum paper load in the output tray is fifty pages.
  • Always load your documents in portrait orientation rather than landscape orientation.
  • When paper is loaded in landscape orientation, a paper jam or e02 error occurs.
  • When loading the paper, ensure that the print side is facing down.
  • It aides in the creation of prints of superior quality.
  • When you’re finished loading paper, use the paper guides on both sides of the printer paper tray to place the sheets.
  • You may choose the paper size on the Canon printer using the paper selection button, or you can use the Canon printer software installed on your computer.
  • Now, print from your computer or printer to see whether the Canon printer issue e02 has been resolved.

Error e02 may be produced by a number of different types of paper.

  1. Wrinkled, folded, or curled sheets produce error e02. Flatten the papers to rectify this.
  2. The method is simple: just put the papers you want to flatten under a heavy object, such as a book, for a certain amount of time. Papers would flatten in about five minutes.
  3. Moisture-affected papers may create a number of printer-related issues with Canon.
  4. Papers get wet due to a variety of environmental factors, such as a humid atmosphere, which is detrimental to the printer’s health.
  5. Place the damp papers in front of a fan or in bright sunlight to dry.
  6. Papers that are either too thin (17 lb) or too thick (17 lb) (having a weight of more than 28lb).
  7. However, when using authentic Canon paper, there are some variations in the thickness of the paper.
  8. Printing is possible on sheets weighing at least 28 pounds.
  9. Torn sheets should not be used for printing as they will cause your Canon printer many problems.
  10. They may, for example, result in paper jams and error e02, to mention a few.
    Finally, avoid utilising papers that have been decorated or painted. Additionally, avoid sheets with ornamental features, since they may get stuck inside the printer.

The error e02 occurs while trying to print envelopes.

  1. To begin, the envelopes must be flattened. To do this, put a couple envelopes on the table and press them hard from all four corners. Not only will envelopes be flattened, but they will also be thinner.
  2. Now, centre the envelopes in the envelope tray (Front Tray). Assemble the envelopes face down with the address side facing up.
  3. Align the envelopes using the alignment guidelines in the printer tray.
  4. At any one moment, the printer tray can hold no more than five envelopes.
  5. If you exceed this limit, you will get a Canon printer error number e02. You will be unable to print at that point.
  6. Utilize the printer’s paper choose button or the printer’s screen to select the appropriate size and kind of envelope.
  7. Additionally, you may perform this process using the Canon printer software installed on your PC.
  8. Open the Canon printer output before you execute the print command. If the printer is not open, it will not begin printing.
  9. Finally, but certainly not least, experiment with printing envelopes from your computer. I’m hoping you’re able to print immediately.
  10. If this is not the case, continue to the next step.

Dirty paper feed rollers are one of the reasons of the e02 error in Canon printers.

How to clean the paper feed rollers on a Canon printer
The following instructions explain how to clean the Canon printer’s paper feed rollers and resolve the e02 error.

  • To begin, switch on your Canon printer. Simply touch on the printer’s screen to wake it up if it is in sleep mode.
  • If your printer lacks a display, you may activate it by pushing the start button.
  • To clean the paper feed rollers without paper, press and hold the stop button on the printer until the orange
  • light flashes seven times. As soon as the orange light flashed seven times, release the stop button.
  • The rollers will now rotate while the printer cleans them.
  • Load the A4 or letter-size plain paper into the printer’s paper tray to use the paper sheet to clean the rollers.
  • Hold down the stop button once more and wait seven times for the alarm light to glow orange before releasing it.
  • The rollers will now be cleaned.
  • When completed, it will discharge paper from the output tray.

The following is a checklist to verify that you have followed all of the steps necessary to fix issue e02:

  • Utilize flat papers.
  • Load the machine with plain paper/envelopes.
  • Ascertain that they are in order.
  • Select the proper paper or envelope size using the Canon printer software.
  • You may now print.

If you follow all of the instructions properly, the Canon printer problem E02 will be fixed.

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