How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000?

Got Canon printer error code 6000 on your screen!

Don’t panic, and you can rapidly fix it on your own. The necessary reason that makes Canon printer error code 6000 occur is problem with the paper feed tray.

The Error Code 6000 message reads something like “6000 Printer error has occurred. Turn off the printer then turn on again. If the problem persists, see the manual.” Exactly, this thread message is displayed on the screen.

As defined by error. The first thing you should do is to restart your printer. For restarting the printer follow the below mentioned steps:

• Switch off your printer.
• Plug out the power cord.
• Let the printer cool for 10 minutes. This will give sufficient time to the printer to recollect its correct configuration.
• Insert the power cord and turn on the printer.

Quick Steps to fix Canon printer error code 6000

If the Canon Printer Error Code 6000 is still blinking on your screen then resetting your Canon Printer could be the final option.

Advanced Troubleshooting for Canon printer error code 6000

There could also be some other reasons which can make Canon printer error code 6000 to occur.

Some other probable reasons are:

• If the paper feed tray is not placed well in its place.
• Your printer freshly had a paper jam.
• Some torn paper, dust or other external particles gets stuck inside LF drive.
• Giving too many print jobs in one time.
• Scratched Line feed or faulty Line Feed sensor.

Now, when you have understood the problem and its reason well. Let’s move further and learn how to fix Error Code 6000.

Following we are the steps, you should attempt to make this error 6000 go away.

  • Remove Objects
    As mentioned earlier, the main reason for Canon printer error code 6000 could be any article placed in front of the paper feed tray. That calls the immediate action of removing that thing.
    If you are copying documents and your printer is surrounded by books and files all around it. So, there are chances that some of these might block the paper feed tray space also.
    Remove all the articles placed around your printer, especially that something which is placed around the paper feed tray.
  • Reset The Paper Tray

Did you recently tried to take out your paper feed tray for any reason? Or did you lift up your printer and repositioned it? These things can be done while doing any physical movement or physical cleaning of your printer.

Because of this the paper feed tray gets dislocated. It may not be placed well in its cabin in the printer. This will make Canon printer think that something is wrong with the paper feed tray. As in turn, you will get to see Canon printer error code 6000. So, check the placement of your paper feed tray in the canon printer.

  • Remove Stuck Paper

Did you recently notice any paper jam in your printer? We all you need to do is to clear the paper jam carefully and check for any fragments or paper pieces. But chances are there that some paper bits may be left inside.

Beside this any dust or any another external particle if getting stuck to Line Feed drive will also cause Canon printer error code 6000. In such a condition, you need to open your printer and check for any such issues. Make sure you clear the paper jam like a specialist.

  • Check Printer’s Line Feed

Canon printer Error 6000 also reflects some problem with the Line Feed (LF). There could be three main concerns with the Line feed related to this error:

(a) Scratched or dirty line feed.
(b) LF drive got some dust particles, paper bits or any external objects stuck on it.
(c) Faulty line feed sensor unit.
For scratched & foreign particle issue; you can simply clean the Line feed slit with some non-corrosive solution.

For faulty or malfunctioning LF sensor; you have no other option than replacing it.

Positively trying any of these advanced level troubleshooting steps could fix Canon error code 6000 issue for you. For any further help with Canon printer, you can speak to our technicians.

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