How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000? Resolve now

When a Printer Error Code 6000 occurs, the following message is shown – “6000 printer error has occurred.” Switch off the printer and then on again. If the issue continues, consult the manual.”

Canon printer error code 6000
Canon printer error code 6000

This mistake may be caused by a variety of factors. Here are a handful of the most likely causes of printer error code 6000: –  

  • Foreign items such as dust particles, paper fragments, pins, stickers, or other things obstruct the paper feed tray from opening properly.
  • The printer shows the error 6000 as a result of the jam.
  • The error code may be shown if the paper feed tray is not properly installed in the printer.
  • When you provide several print instructions inadvertently at the same time, it is possible for the paper to get trapped in the feed.
  • If the printer is surrounded by a large number of other papers that prevent the printer fans from ventilating properly, the error 6000 may occur.
  • There is a fault with the printer’s sensor unit or in-line feed slot.

Despite the fact that there are many potential causes of error 6000 on your printer, the most frequent cause is paper or foreign items being trapped in the input tray. Therefore, follow the actions outlined below to discover how to resolve Canon printer problem 6000.

First step:- Reset the printer Typically, when you get error 6000, just restarting the printer resolves the issue. To reset your printer, first unplug it. After unplugging it, wait a few seconds before replugging it. Turn on your printer and wait for it to become operational.

Now, for a few seconds, press and hold the “Power” button.After a few seconds, tap twice on the “Stop” button. Rep this process two to three times more. When releasing the power button, do so gradually.
Finally, hit the “Stop” button four times. Performing these procedures will undoubtedly resolve your issue. If it does not work, try the following. 

Step two: Maintain a clean paper feed tray. Locate the paper feed tray by opening the printer lid. Eliminate all papers from the tray. Examine the interior of the paper tray for any ripped pieces of paper or stuck clips.

These alien things obstruct the paper’s processing. Remove all papers and attempt to dismantle the paper tray. If the tray can be removed, replace it correctly to ensure a snug and secure fit. If not, ensure that it is properly installed. Reassemble all of the sheets and restart the printer. This should resolve your 6000 error. 

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Discloser :- 

If you are still unsure how to resolve Printer Error Code 6000, you may contact the customer service staff, who can help you with any further questions. Simply inform them of everything you’ve done and they’ll assist you through the following stages.

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