[ Troubleshoot ]Quick Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error C000

Canon printer users are aware with Canon printer Error C000. It is the most common error, especially for the Pixma series.

The error causes just because of an internal issue and this issue leads the whole printer starts behaving abnormally.

Yes, the issue is common but not that difficult to solve. Just you need the proper procedures like we are going to provide you in this article.

But before moving for the solution it’s very essential to know what is this Canon Printer Error C000.

What is Canon Printer Error C000?

While using the Canon printers, all of its users may face several types of errors and one of them is Error C000. It generally occurs in the Pixma series. The Canon Printer Error C000 indicates that there is something happening internally in your printer.

The issue is really so annoying and head bursting and there can be a number of reasons behind that.

Below we are going to help you out with a permanent solution of the error of Canon error C000:

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error C000

Remove All the Packing Materials

If you have purchased a new printer and it starts showing you the Canon error code C000 then it can be possible that the issue is caused because you left some materials or parts of printer unpacked.

So, you need to open the printer and check if you have removed the packaging tape properly, if not then remove it and then see if the error gets resolved or not.

Check If the Ink Tanks Are placed Properly

Open the print head of the printer and check if you have placed the ink properly. It is the most common mistake people frequently do and because of which they get this error code.

So don’t forget to place the ink properly inside the printer and if that is already seated then reseat them again and then check if the issue gets resolve or not.

Ink Cartridge Should Not Be Empty

Open your printer cautiously and then check if there are any of the ink cartridges that by mistake left empty. If yes, then you have to fill them up to their required level and then put them back on their position.

Now try to print out something from your Canon printer.

Clear The Paper Feed Path

It may be likely that there is any torn or piece of paper that got stuck inside the printer which is also known as paper jam in printer, and because of which you are facing the Canon Printer Error C000.

So check concisely and remove if you found any but be careful while doing that because if you would apply too much force while taking out the paper or anything then it will damage the inner parts of your printer.

Reset The Canon Device

This is the last but very sturdy method to solve the issue you are currently dealing with. You need to reset your Canon Printer. The process of resetting is so simple; you just need to plug off all the cables.

Even after applying all the above steps if the issue remains unsolved then you don’t need to worry as our helpline numbers are 24*7 available for you.

All the technicians working for the Canon printer are trained and experienced and we promise you that they will resolve the issue in just few minutes and in a negligible amount.

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