How to Fix Canon Printer Error C000 ?

Canon Printer Error C000 is a Canon printer and multifunctional device error code that has been known to impact a broad range of Canon devices, particularly the Pixma line of Canon printers and multifunctional devices.

Problem C000 indicates that the Canon device in question has had an internal error and that the device is unable to operate properly as a result of this internal issue. Error C000 is aggravating, particularly since it limits the capabilities of the typical Canon gadget.

Canon Printer Error C000
Canon Printer Error C000

Canon Printer Error C000 may be resolved in a variety of ways

Way 1: Check to see whether all of the packaging materials have been removed.

If you get Problem C000 the first time you turn on your Canon device and attempt to print or copy anything, it’s likely that the error is caused by packaging materials that you haven’t removed from the device. Simply open the printer door and verify that any packaging materials (such as protective tape and protective polystyrene) have been removed, then shut the door and see whether the issue continues.

way 2: Double-check that all ink tanks are placed correctly.

Poorly seated or unseated ink tanks have also been reported to produce Error C000. Opening the printer door and ensuring that all of the printer’s ink tanks are correctly positioned is another way to attempt to solve Error C000. Even if the ink tanks are seated, it is advisable to unseat and then reseat them just to be sure.

way 3: Make sure you don’t have any empty ink cartridges.

If one or more of the ink cartridges in a Canon printer is empty, Error C000 may appear. Remove your printer’s ink cartridges one by one and verify that none of them is empty to rule out an empty ink cartridge as the cause of Error C000 in your instance. If you discover that one of your ink cartridges is empty, replace it and see if the issue disappears.

way 4: Clear the paper feed channel of any extraneous items.

A paper jam or other external blockage in the Canon printer’s paper feed route is one of the most frequent reasons of Error C000. To attempt to fix this issue, make sure your printer is not jammed, remove any and all foreign items (such as paper clips and shredded pieces of paper) from your printer, and fully clean the paper feed channel.

way 5: Reset your Canon gadget

There’s a good possibility this approach will work for you if none of the other techniques mentioned and explained above did. Turning off a Canon gadget, fully unplugging it from the power outlet it is attached to, waiting about 5 minutes, then plugging it back into its power outlet and turning it on is all it takes to reset it. Once you’ve done that, check to see whether Error C000 is still bothering you.

Note that:- when a Canon device is reset, all of the faxes saved in its memory are deleted.

If Method 5 does not work, your only alternative choice is to get your equipment repaired by Canon.

Follow these Steps to Solve Canon Printer Error C000

c000 is an error message. showing on your Canon Printers-Screen is a very frequent occurrence that can generally be addressed by attempting a few different methods. It’s often as simple as turning the printer off and on again to fix the problem. If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to look into it more and attempt the following:

  • First, look for a paper jam on the carriage that the print head moves back and forth on. Examine the print head carriage for a tiny piece of paper stuck at the end.
  • The ink cartridges may not be properly seated. Remove all ink tanks and then firmly reinstall them. If this does not solve the problem, go to step 3.
  • Try reseating the print head itself. This is accomplished by removing all of the print head’s ink tanks. Then, by lifting the lever on the right side of the print head, you may release the print head. Replace it and lower the lever to secure the print head back in place after it has been completely withdrawn.
  • The c000 issue usually signals a problem with the electrical connections between the print head and the actual printer, thus this usually fixes it.


If the issue continues, you should consider replacing the printer, since print heads are often not much less expensive than replacing the whole printer.

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