How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200 ?

When you need to print something essential and an error code appears, it’s irritating. Canon Printer Error B200 is one of the most dreaded Canon printer faults, since it may signal a possibly fatal equipment malfunction. But don’t throw it away right away. Printers are costly, but there are a few things you may try before buying a new one to solve the problem.

Canon Printer Error B200
Canon Printer Error B200

The Canon Printer Error B200 and Its Causes

The B200 error indicates a defective print head at its most basic level. A print head is a component of a printer that distributes ink from cartridges to paper, making it one of the most essential parts of the machine. Print heads are notoriously difficult to replace, particularly on less expensive printers.

What to Do If You Get a Canon B200 Error

  • You may attempt a few different things to try to repair a broken print head and get rid of the B200 problem. Before you replace the whole device, try some of the ideas below.
  • Reset the printer’s settings. Disconnect it for at least 30 minutes after unplugging it. Before turning the device back on, a good, lengthy reset enables the printer to cool down and return everything to its correct position.
  • Remove any impediments. It’s possible that anything is interfering with the printer head’s connection. Remove the print head from the printer by opening the door and gently disconnecting it, then lifting it out. Reinstall it and see if it solves the problem.
  • Remove the printer head and clean it. Run the device’s cleaning cycle using the device’s maintenance settings. If the printer head is clogged, this is particularly helpful.
  • Clean the print head by hand. On the gold contacts of the print head, use either pure alcohol or a non-oil-based cleaning. Rub the cleaner over the contacts with a microfiber cloth, then let it dry fully before reconnecting.
  • Get rid of any old ink. It’s possible that hardened ink has been stuck within the print head. Submerge it in hot tap water until the water runs clear. Reinstall the head in the printer after dabbing it dry with a paper towel.
  • Reinstall the printer drivers if necessary. Find your device on the Canon support website and update the drivers according to the instructions.
  • Replace the ink cartridge. The B200 error is seldom caused by faulty cartridges, although it may happen. For instructions on how to do this with your particular device, see the user manual.

If none of the techniques above work, the B200 error is most likely correct. For solve, the issue use a different technique.

To fix the Canon Pixma B200 Error

  • Remove the printer’s top cover and the cartridges from the cradle.
  • Remove the printhead and replace it.
  • Make sure the lever is locked.
  • Replace the cartridges in their original locations.
  • Remove the power connector from the power source if the Canon Printer Error B200 problem persists.
  • Reconnect the cable after 5 minutes.
  • The next step is to clean the printer and do a thorough nozzle inspection.
  • The printhead is not a component of the cartridge, according to the Canon B200 mistake.
  • Uninstall and replace the faulty cartridge if it is not functioning properly.
  • After a time, look for the ink cartridge that isn’t working.
  • Remove it and replace it with a fresh one.

Try printing from the printer once the Canon Pixma B200 Error has been fixed

The printhead problem is indicated by the error number B200. One of the most frequent problems encountered by most customers is the Canon B200 Error (Printhead). Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the Canon Pixma B200 Error. Replace the faulty cartridge with a new one. To do so, go to the manufacturer’s website or a retail shop and purchase a new ink cartridge.

  • Follow the on-screen directions to replace the faulty cartridge.
  • You may clean the cartridge instead of buying a new one to fix the Canon Printer Error B200 problem.
  • The printhead should be removed from the printer.
  • Wipe the gold contacts on the printhead with a clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Clean the printhead with a lint-free cloth dipped in water.
  • Replace the printhead after cleaning it.
  • If the Canon Pixma B200 problem persists after the printhead has been cleaned, the printer should be reset.
  • To reinstall the printer, disconnect all of the connections that link it to your computer and the power outlet.
  • Allow at least two hours for the printer to be disconnected.
  • Reconnect the power connection and turn on your printer once the two hours are up.
  • Check to see whether the Canon B200 problem notice appears on the printer’s display.
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If the issue continues, you should consider replacing the printer, since print heads are often not much less expensive than replacing the whole printer.

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