How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6a81 ? Resolve now

Canon printers are very high-quality. They also assist us with scanning and faxing in addition to printing. While their (Canon printers’) performance is excellent, they are not immune to technological problems. Canon printer error 6A81 is another example of a technical problem with a Canon printer.

Canon Printer Error 6a81
Canon Printer Error 6a81

Canon printer error 6A81 is often caused by an obstruction inside the printer. Essentially, it happens as a result of a purge unit fault, as the sponge was not correctly positioned and clogged the printhead. This section discusses how to resolve the Canon printer problem 6A8. If necessary, you may also contact Canon Printer Support for assistance in resolving technical printer problems.

How to resolve Canon printer problem 6A81

To resolve the Canon printer issue 6A81, you must first do a factory reset on the device. If you are unable to reset the printer, you should attempt the following methods:

Canon printer reset

To begin the process of resetting the Canon printer, press and hold the “power” switch for several seconds, and then wait for the device to shut down. Following that, you must disconnect the printer from the computer and remove the power connection. Now that you’ve pressed and held the On/Off button, you may re-insert the power cable into the socket. Additionally, you must reconnect the Canon printer to the computer and power on the printer.

Eliminate the paper jam and thoroughly clean the components.

To resolve Canon printer error 6A81, you must first remove the printer’s paper jam. To do so, using a torchlight or another kind of light, check inside the Canon printer to see whether any paper is trapped within, including the paper tray. Additionally, you must inspect for paper crumbs or any other item and, if found, remove them. After completing this procedure, you should verify if the Canon printer error 6A81 has been eliminated or remains.

Remove the impediment and the unsticking purge unit

As the Canon printer error 6A81 arises as a result of the Purge unit being stuck, use lengthy equipment such as a screwdriver to eliminate the obstructions surrounding the purge section.

Clean the Canon printer of dust

By cleaning the canon printer of dust, you may resolve the canon printer error 6A81. To clear the dust, take a clean, dry cloth and wipe the interior of the printer, removing any dirt from the roller’s surface. As a result, the sheets can be fed properly into the paper tray and the rollers may move freely during printing.

These steps will assist you in resolving Canon printer problem 6A81. Canon Printer Support is also available to assist you in resolving this issue with your Canon printer. To contact the Canon Printer Support staff, dial their toll-free number. By subscribing to one of their monthly or annual packages, you may take advantage of Canon Printer Support at a discounted rate.

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