How can I fix Canon 5B00 Error G2000 ?

Known for delivering dependable and excellent services for customers, Canon printers are. Yet, while using the Canon printer, many Canon customers encounter a lot of problems. Canon 5B00 Error G2000 is one of many customers who are confronted with frequent Canon printer faults. This error occurs because of an overflow of the ink counter. The ink of your cartridge is wasted when this mistake occurs. This issue should be fixed right away.

Canon 5B00 Error G2000
Canon 5B00 Error G2000

This error may be caused by many causes, but mainly if you use a foreign cartridge on your Canon printer. Cartridges from third parties may harm your printer and influence the quality of your output. You should always install the original cartridge on your impressor if you want to avoid your device from using Canon 5B00 Error G2000.

This error is related to the printhead of certain Canon Printer customers. You may potentially receive a 5B00 error if your printable head is damaged. Open and verify the printhead for your Canon printer. Install a new printhead on your printer if it becomes damaged. When the printer has not been used for many days, the printer sometimes dries up. This mistake may also be achieved by dry ink on the printer. For cleaning all dried ink on your print head, you may utilise the clean printhead tool. If not, you may also manually clean the printhead. Now, attempt to print your Canon 5B00 problem on your printer to see whether it is repaired or not.

How can the ink absorber fully error 5B00 be fixed with a blinking 7 times?

The easiest method to fix this mistake is to reset the ink absorber to 0%. For resetting of the ink absorber, you may follow:

  • Download the Internet Canon Printer Service Tool
  • Install configuration on your device
  • Open the tool and see whether all buttons and features are activated or not.
  • If not, all functions and buttons should be activated
  • If the buttons are greyed out, your printer will be crashed or your PC will not be linked to all printers.
  • Search for the counter option for Ink Absorber
  • Find the counter option for value
  • Set 0 percent counter value
  • Click the Set button now.

A confirmation message will be sent to you that a function on your screen has been completed. If the error message is received, your printer is not in service mode. Close the printer, restart the device, then attempt to fix the problem.

Run your Service Mode Printer

You may also fix your Canon G2000 5B00 problem by running the printer on service mode. In service mode, you may follow the instructions provided to operate the printer:

  • Click the Stop button
  • Switch off your Printer Canon
  • Hold down and push the Canon printer power button
  • Wait about 4-5 seconds for the blue light to shine.
  • Now hit the 6-fold Stop button. When the button is pressed, the bulb colour change every time. The light illuminates blue when you push the 6-fold button.
  • Remove the button Power
  • The blue light is beginning to blink. Just await the blue light steady, for approximately 30-40 seconds. You are now in servicing mode for your printer. Connect the printer to your computer and verify whether your 5B00 Canon G2000 problem has been resolved.

5B00 Canon Printers Error Recovery Program

You may possibly be able to fix your problem by restoring your Canon printer. Try resetting the printer and verify whether or not your problem is resolved when this error occurs in your printer. It’s extremely easy to reset the printer. By following the instructions below, you may simply reset the Canon printer:

  • Turn your printer on Canon
  • Press the Reset button and hold it.
  • Press and hold the Canon Printer button
  • Now hold down the power key and unlock the Reset key.
  • Press and hold the power button twice. Reset button
  • Wait approximately 1 minute till the idle message is shown
  • Open the cartouche cover and remove the cartouches
  • Turn off the printer and install the cartridges again. Close the cover and start the printer now. Now give your printer a print command and check for the mistake. The support code 5B00 may also be requested.

Run the trouble solver printer 

By running the printer troubleshooter, your canon printing mistake 5B00 may be repaired. The built-in printer troubleshooter on the Windows device may be executed to scan for problems relating to the printer and repair them. Run the problem solver printer that looks for files associated with 5B00 error:

  • Close the print wizard with 5B00 error
  • Go to the page of settings
  • Select troubleshooting page Click Update & Security
  • Click on the Troubleshooter icon to get to Printer
  • The error scooter on the Windows Printer is being run and the printer error is checked. Check if your mistake is corrected or not on the result page. If not, click and learn about the problem, on the report page.

Control the cartridge of the printer

When your Canon printer is unable to retrieve the cartridge, users may get into the printer problem. If the cartridge is not properly positioned on the printer, you cannot take prints. Check the cartridge if you have the 5B00 mistake on a Canon device. Open the printer for Canon and then remove your ink cartridge. Check her pins now. Make sure you don’t break or bend the Canon printer cartridge pins. Following inspection of the cartridge, gently replace it. After installing a new cartridge, check for tapes if you get a 5B00 error in a Canon device. The replacement cartridge comes with preventative tapes and clips to avoid harm to handling. But before you put them on your device, you have to remove the tapes and clips. If an error appears on the printer, the orange tape and clips may be checked for the cartridge. If you receive the error caused by an unsuccessful cartouche your device will have to buy a new cartouche.

Blurry of Paper 

Paper jamming on vintage Canon machines is a frequent mistake. Check the paper jam if you have an old printer. Open the printer, dust and pieces of paper. If the paper is ripped during the printing process or when the paper roller pulls many sheets, your printer may get jammy. Remove the pieces of paper and wipe your printer’s dust. Remove the printer now and check for the Canon 5B00 Error G2000.

Check your printer’s printhead and fuser

When the pressure head of your Canon equipment is overheated, the 5B00 error may occur. You need to stop the printer off if you are taking several prints, and suddenly get the error code. You must replace them if then your printhead or fuser may not be burned out. Wait until the printhead refreshes and attempt to print. Inspect and make sure that the printhead is not obstructed. The printhead is sometimes blocked by the dried ink. To improve printing quality and resolve the issue, you must clean the printhead. Use a clean tissue on your printer to remove dried ink. Canon also offers a printhead cleaning tool. Try to print and check for 5B00 errors after cleaning the printhead.

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In this post, you learned three tried and true ways for Canon 5B00 Error G2000 which is often encountered in Canon printers.

If the issue continues, you should consider replacing the printer, since print heads are often not much less expensive than replacing the whole printer.

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