How to resolve or fix Brother Printer Error E52 ?

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Brother Printer Error E52
Brother Printer Error E52

What is the meaning of Brother Printer Error E52?

To resolve Brother Printer Fault E52, Error E54, it is necessary to understand the error. Additionally, this will enable you to disregard the mistake in the future, allowing you to continue using Brother Printer without incident. Brother Printer Error E52 is caused by the following:

  1. Laser motor failure: The laser unit is the component of the printer that puts the data onto the drum surface. Within the laser unit is a spinning mirror that is being driven by a malfunctioning motor.

Contact Brother Printer Support for an immediate resolution and further troubleshooting methods.

What is Brother Printer Error E52 and How Do I Fix It?

This is a kind of Physical Error that may be resolved by doing the troubleshooting procedures.

  • To begin, unplug the pointing device and carefully remove the top cover of the printing machine (4 screws – 2 on top/front + 2 on back/side).
  • Keep an eye out for the connections that link to the top LCD screen, and then detach the shorter one.
  • Remove the laser unit from the steel plate that is mounted on top of the printing machine.
  • After removing the laser unit from the enclosure, continue unscrewing the four screws that secure the motor.
  • Remove the steel plate from the portion.
  • Now carefully raise the mirror portion.
  • Now reassemble everything.
  • Turn off and on the printer again. If the problem continues, the laser unit will need to be replaced.

If the Brother Printer Error E52 continues to occur, you may contact us at the toll-free Brother Printer Support hotline. If you are getting issue like Resolve Brother Printer Error a9 resolve now.

What is the meaning of Brother Printer Error E54?

If you understand the fundamental mistake, you can simply resolve the problem. If you are unable to resolve these problems on your own, Brother Printer assistance is also accessible. This is also a kind of physical mistake, and the primary cause for it is as follows:

The printer has identified a problem with the main motor, which powers the main gear train, which in turn operates all of the printing operations. If you are getting issue like Brother Printer Error Code TS-02  resolve now.

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error E54

Occasionally, the user has difficulty resolving Error E54. However, you need not be concerned; you may resolve the issue by following these instructions or by contacting Brother Printer Support.

  • After powering off the Brother Printer, check for and remove any stuck pieces of paper.
  • Additionally, use a clean cloth to wipe away any dirt on the inside or outside of the Printer.
  • Turn off and on the printer again. Whether the problem continues, switch on the printer without inserting the toner unit and check to see if the motor now turns.
  • If it does, replace the toner unit; if the problem continues, replace the main motor.

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Not to fear, if the Brother Printer Error E52, Error E54 continues, we at Brother Printer Support can assist you at any time.  If you are getting issue like FIX Brother Pritner Error B200 resolve now.

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