How to fix brother printer error code ts-05?

How to resolve brother printer error code ts-05?

Brother Printer has established a reputation for developing and producing complex printers loaded with cutting-edge technical features that increase the printer’s user-friendliness. Wireless printing is a noteworthy feature featured on a few of their most recent printers. If you’ve been using a Brother Printer and have encountered the TS-05 issue in the last few days, the problem may be resolved manually. If you’re unsure “how to solve brother printer error code ts-05,” follow the instructions provided below.

brother printer error code ts-05
brother printer error code ts-05

Before you succumb and contact a specialist, you may at least attempt to repair the problem yourself by following the provided steps—

What causes the brother printer error code ts-05?

  1. The primary cause of Error TS-05 is an erroneous SSID name.
  2. Incorrect network keys might also be a significant cause of the printer problem.
  3. It is conceivable that the printer will not get the first WEP key if the router uses several WEP keys to perform WEP encryptions.

To resolve the TS-05 issue on your Brother Printer, follow the instructions below—

Frequently, wireless communication between the printer and the PC is disrupted due to the WLAN access point’s design. While using several SSIDs is a legitimate advantage, it also poses a significant risk of endangering the Brother Printer’s connection to the network.

The printer establishes a connection using just WEP Key 1. If you determine that this is the primary cause of the brother printer error code ts-05, follow the procedures below to remedy the fault.

Step 1: Confirm and verify the SSID and Network Key

  • To begin, verify that the SSID and security details specified are accurate.
  • To resolve the problem, validate the security information, which includes the network key and the SSID.
  • Check the WLAN router/access point’s side correctly.
  • There is the network name, which may be the manufacturer’s or model’s name.
  • Validate the SSID and security key

Step 2: Verify the setup of your printer with the first WEP key.

  • On the first lap, you must verify that the printer supports WEP encryption.
  • Determine if your WLAN router use WEP encryption with multiple WEP keys (such as WEP Key 1, WEP Key 2, WEP Key 3, WEP Key 4 and so on)
  • Now, input the WEP Key 1 in the appropriate field.
  • Ascertain that the Brother Printer supports just the WEP Key 1. As a result, you must configure the connection appropriately.
  • If the issue continues, go to the next step.

Step 3: Experiment with the Power-Cycle technique.

Though the fault has nothing to do with the hardware since it is a network error. Alternatively, you may use the power-cycle approach by disconnecting the power cable from the wall outlet while leaving the printer turned on and waiting a few moments before reconnecting it and restarting the device.


In general, the procedures mentioned before will aid you in fixing the brother error ts-05 issue problems. Experiment with any of the approaches listed above to see which one works best for you.

If the issue still persists, after applying all the above-mentioned steps, then you can directly contact our experts. They will help you in providing the best and reliable solutions. With their new tools and innovative ideas, they will fix all of your printer related issues in minimal time and cost.

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If the problem persists, check your internet connection.

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