How To Resolve or Fix Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Error?

After installing remanufactured  Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Error, why am I receiving the Canon printer ink problem – ink is empty or low?

Remanufactured Canon ink cartridges often display as empty or low. This is because the cartridge’s ink monitoring chip (particularly those with built-in print heads) is only meant to be used once.

Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Error
Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Error


Your Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Error have been refurbished and are fully functional. Ignore the warning and press OK (or CONTINUE) to continue printing.

If the cartridge is read as empty, certain printers, especially Canon inkjet models, will not print. You’ll almost certainly get an error message like this:

  • Hold down the RESUME, STOP/RESET, or COLOR START buttons on your printer for 5 to 15 seconds to skip these problem warnings. The ink monitor will turn off, the printer’s flashing will cease, and the printer will restart printing.

Finally, here are some additional troubleshooting techniques to assist enhance the performance of remanufactured Canon ink cartridges.

  • After installing new ink cartridges in your printer, run a printer cleaning cycle, thorough cleaning, and alignment test. To verify adequate ink flow and alignment, print a few test sheets.


  • Remove the cartridge and carefully wipe the electrical connections of the cartridge with a clean paper towel or a lint-free cloth if the printer does not recognise it. This is to clear out any dust or debris that may have clogged the printer’s electrical connections.


  • If the printer still doesn’t detect the cartridge, try removing the unrecognised cartridge, turning off the printer, and unplugging it for 30 to 60 seconds. Reconnect the printer and turn it on, then reinsert the cartridge and print.


  • In the case of print heads, the cartridge may have been stored flat or upside down for weeks or months, preventing ink from reaching the print head and preventing the fresh ink cartridge from printing.


  • To clean, carefully put the cartridge on a wet paper towel with the print head facing down until ink flow is evident. Print after reinstalling the ink cartridge.

Discloser :-

In this post, you learned three tried and true ways for resolving Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Error  which is often encountered in Canon printers.

If the issue continues, you should consider replacing the printer, since print heads are often not much less expensive than replacing the whole printer.

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