How to resolve or Fix the Canon printer error E5 message ?

The compatibility problem of the ink cartridge placed in the Canon printer error E5 . This E05 error also happens if the ink cartridge is not correctly inserted. Tin Cartridge has a tiny hole in Canon Printers that discharges the ink to be used on a particular kind of paper, thus, the ink may be dried up and clog the opening of the cartridge if the printer is not used for a significant time. The disorder of a cartridge in its holder or when a cartridge has to be changed may also lead to error E05.

Canon printer error E5
Fix Canon printer error E5

This is a frequent problem that can be readily addressed

Method 1: Method 1 (Resetting printer)

  • Switch on your printer
  • Keep the Stop button to restart the printer for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • It’s up and running now.

Method 2: Method 2 (Reinstalling and Clearing Blockage)

  • The unusual top of the canon printer will open the lid cover.
  • Ink cartridge inserted You will see
  • Press the two click locks at the sides of the cartridge holder, and you may remove the ink cartridge.
  • Now, check the cartridge for any kind of dust particles, or for dried ink in the aperture that may cause blocking.
  • Re-install the tint cartridge in its holder and clean tissue cartridges.
  • If the problem is still found, the ink cartridge must be replaced.

Method 3: Method 3 (Replacing Ink Cartridge)

  • Purchase an ink cartridge from a local electronics store for your Canon printer.
  • By following Method 1, re-install the cartridge.

IF above method is not resolve your issue follow Below steps:-

Although printer faults may vary according to model number, for printers with Canon the E5 printer error relates to an ink cartridge issue. Potential error sources include:

  1. The cartridge ink is not correctly placed.
  2. Installed incorrect ink cartridge (unsupported type of cartridge).
  3. If at all, Printer does not properly recognise the ink cartridge.

Tin Pattern is not correctly placed

Try removing the cartridge from the printer and reinsert it if the ink cartridge isn’t inserted properly. Ensure that everything is completely installed and firmly installed. Try again to print. Make sure the printer is turned off and the error message is reset back on.

Installed incorrect ink cartridge

You need to buy the right cartridge and put it on the printer when the incorrect cartridge is inserted. The models supported by a cartridge are normally stated on the cartridge side.

Printer does not properly recognise the ink cartridge

You may potentially be unable to identify the cartridge after installation by the printer. This problem may be caused by the filthy printer (excess ink in the ink cartridge tray or ink overflow tray). Try to completely clean the printer and reinstall the cartouches to see if this solves the issue.

Drivers of printing

The printer driver is also available for reinstallation. If the driver is corrupted, the problem can be reinstalled.

Reset counters for the printer

Other alternatives are available, including resetting some printer and counter operations. You need to go on the internet and particular reset instructions for your printer and contact Canon technical support for these alternatives. The reset procedures vary according to model number, therefore you need to get your particular printer instructions.

Discloser :-

In this post, you learned three tried and true ways for  which is often encountered in Canon printers.

If the issue continues, you should consider replacing the printer, since print heads are often not much less expensive than replacing the whole printer.

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