How to fix the Canon B504 error code ? Resolve now ?

The Canon B504 error code is a built-in safeguard to prevent the print-sensitive head’s resistors from overheating and self-destructing. The issue arises when there is no ink flowing to the print-head to keep it cool, which may happen when a cartridge is totally empty or no ink is flowing. When you install a new cartridge, the printer automatically does a default printhead clean, however if there is no ink present at the print-head, it will report the dreaded B504 error.

This may happen with genuine OEM cartridges or generic cartridges; the problem is with the printer, not the cartridges; nevertheless, there is a solution for this error message; continue reading.

Canon B504 error code
Canon B504 error code

The steps below may resolve the B504 error as well as most “recognition” difficulties, error codes, and poor printing issues with Maxify model printers.
Instructions for using compatible Canon PGI-1600XL / PGI-2600XL cartridges


When installing, remove the cartridges from their plastic wrapping but do not puncture any of the plastic membranes, since this will happen automatically during cartridge installation.

If one or more cartridges are removed from the printer when they are completely depleted or no ink is flowing, an error code such as B504 may be shown. This is due to the printer’s design, not the cartridge’s. When you insert a new cartridge, the printer immediately enters a cleaning cycle; however, if there is no ink in the print-head, the printer will produce a B504 error and will not function.

Understand that the B504 error notice exists to protect the print-head from harm when the printer detects that no ink is present at the print-head. Canon printers use a “Thermal Print-head,” which is the most sensitive component of the printer and typically the first to break. If ink is not flowing through the print-head while it is in use, the print-minute head’s resistors may get so hot that they simply burn out. The use of generic cartridges is easily put on Canon for some reason, although it has nothing to do with the usage of generic inks.

The fix for the B504 error code

i. While the printer is still switched on, remove the power cable and open the front cover.
ii. Manually move the print-head cart to the cartridge replacement location (if the print-head cart is not moveable, plug the printer back in / turn it on and then disconnect it when the print-head cart is movable).
iii. Place your index finger over the cartridge you want to replace and push on the fastener beneath the black plectrum; you will hear a clicking sound and the cartridge will eject. As required, replace additional cartridges in this manner.
Close the front printer cover, plug in the power cable, and restart the printer for regular usage after changing the cartridge(s).

Discloser :-

In this post, you learned three tried and true ways for Canon B504 error code which is often encountered in Canon printers.

If the issue continues, you should consider replacing the printer, since print heads are often not much less expensive than replacing the whole printer.

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