Lexmark Wireless Printer How to Fix Alone

Wireless printers are wonderful machines that allow computers and smart devices to pair up for print jobs. They have a wireless adapter that can connect to a wireless connection. As long as your computer or device connects to the same network, your wireless printer is all set. Wireless printers have become vastly popular in the past decade, whether at home or work, these printers have found their way into it.

Lexmark produces some of the more coveted wireless printers today. This Kentucky based company is known for their craftsmanship. Lexmark printers are highly regarded and appreciated.

Although Wireless printers are some of the best out there, they still come across many errors. If you find yourself stuck, read thisguide to find the solutions for the most common Lexmark Wireless Printer errors :

1. “Printer in error state” message. To fix this issue, first, restart both the wireless printer and computer. Also, check for any possible paper jams, low ink and any open covers.

2. The computer and wireless router have lost connection. This is an easy fix; restart the router and the computer. This should fix your Lexmark issue. Try your print jobs again.

3. The printer and router are not connected. Again, an easy fix: restart both the printer and the router. This should fix your error. You can try to print after you restart both.

4. The Lexmark wireless printer has low signal strength. This error happens if the printer is located at a long distance away from the wireless router. For this error, move the printer closer to the router. Make sure that there are no walls between the printer and router as this may block the signal.

5. The Lexmark Wireless Printer is connecting to the wrong router. Your Lexmark wireless printer will connect to the closest (strongest) Wi-Fi router it has access to. To fix this, find out which connection the printer is connected to, and then switch it to the same connection as your computer or device.

6. A firewall on the computer is blocking the ports of connection. In order to fix this, go to your firewall information and read the “configure” section. Then, configure your firewall to allow connection with the “ports needed for network communication with the printer.

7. The wrong SSID on the wireless LAN. In order to fix this error, the first thing you need to do is to access the printer settings, and from there the Network (LAN) settings. Write down the SSID. Check the computer SSID by accessing the Network icon. Compare both SSID’s. If they are not the same, connect the computer to the same one as the Lexmark Wireless Printer. You should now be able to print.

8. The Printer is not responding. This error is one of the most common in Lexmark Wireless Printers. There are various reasons for this error to appear :

  • a. The paper feed is not opening.
  • b. The paper tray is not fitted in the printer.
  • c. There are too many print jobs being sent at the same time.
  • d. The line feed slit is dirty.

In order to fix this issue, first, check the printer for any possible paper issues.Check the paper tray, make sure it is fitted. Open the printer and check for any paper jams or any residue (little pieces of paper, dust or lint, smeared ink). If there are any, clean them out carefully, and restart the printer. The printer should now work.

If the printer still shows does not respond, then continue the process. Turn the printer off and disconnect it. Let it rest for a couple of minutes. Connect the printer and turn it on. You should now be able to print.

9. The printer is not responding. This is another common error Lexmark Wireless Printers. The reasons for this error are:

  • a. Your printer driver is outdated.
  • b. The printer is not connected to a wireless network.
  • c. The printer is connecting to the wrong network.

In order to fix this error, first make sure that the printer is connected to the same wireless connection as your computer or device. If they are not connected, or one is connected to another network, adjust them so they connect via the same router. If this was the issue, then your printer should work after this adjustment.

If your printer is still not responding, you will have to update your printer driver. Look online for the exact printer driver for your LexmarkWireless Printer model. Once you find it, go ahead and download it, and then install it. Once you install the printer driver, restart the computer, printer and router. You should now be able to print.

If you have had any of these issues, and seen them through, congratulations! You have successfully fixed your Lexmark Wireless Printer by following our easy steps. Time to print!

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