HP Printer Tech Support, is it Always Necessary?

Hewlett-Packard was the first company to produce laser printers for PC’s. The advantage these printers have is that the print quality is much better. Additionally, laser printers do not work with ink, but rather with toner cartridges. However, HP offers a variety of printers that work with both ink and toner cartridges.

Hewlett-Packard printers are among the most reliable and long lasting printers in the market today. Nevertheless, like all devices and printers, these have issues that can cause frustration. However, not all issues need to be addressed with a phone call to HP printer tech support. Many issues can be resolved by simply taking some time and doing some troubleshooting. This guide will show you how to fix some of the more common problems that HP printers encounter.

The most common problems in HP printers are the following :

1. The printer is offline — This error is very common among HP printers. The main reasons this error happens are as follows :
• The computer and printer are not connecting. Whether you have a wired connection (direct USB connection or an Ethernet network) or a wireless network (Wi-Fi router), your HP printer will appear offline if the connection is interrupted. In order to fix this, you will need to explore different options:

  • a) Make sure the printer is on, and not on sleep mode.
  • b) Check the connection cables (USB cables and/or Ethernet cables) for wired connections. For Wi-Fi connections, check the router wires. If all connected correctly, check the cables for any possible wear and tear. Normal wear and tear sometimes interrupts the connection between your devices and the printer. Replacing faulty wires should bring your printer back online.

If none of these are working, it is time for the uninstall and reinstall process. In order to do this, follow these steps:
  • a) Disconnect and turn off the printer.
  • b) Access your computer control panel.
  • c) Look for the “devices and printers” folder.
  • d) Find the printer icon that you have been trying to work with. Right click on that icon, and select the “remove device” option.
  • e) Once the printer is removed, insert the printer installation CD, or find the driver online. Make sure you install the correct driver.
  • f) Set the printer as your default printer, this will make your print jobs easier to manage.
  • g) After the installation is complete, restart the computer. For wireless printers, restart both the computer and Wi-Fi router.
  • h) Plug the printer to your computer, and turn on the printer. For wireless printers, check that the connection of both the printer and computer is to the same network.
  • j) Continue with your print jobs.

• The printer has a lengthy print queue or a paused print queue. Sometimes, a lengthy queue can cause the printer to stop receiving print jobs. In order to fix this problem do as follows :
  • a) You will need to check the printer queue from your computer. To do this access your control panel.
  • b) Find the “printers and devices” folder.
  • c) Click on the printer you want to access and look for the “printer queue” option.
  • d) Click on the “printer queue,” and check the length.
  • e) If the queue has too many lengthy documents waiting, cancel them all, and restart the printer. This should bring the printer online once again.
  • f) If the “printer queue” has a “resume” option, this means the printer queue had been paused, click the “resume” option and your printer should begin printing shortly.

• The printer has a paper jam. Most printers will encounter more than a few paper jams. In order to fix and avoid these follow the steps :
  • a) Gently pull out the source of the jam.
  • b) Open the printer to ensure there is no more paper jammed inside.
  • c) Clean any leaked in with a damp, lint free cloth.
  • d) To avoid further paper jams, make it a habit of running a clean and maintenance on your printer. This will help avoid paper jams in the future.
  • e) Do not use paper that is not compatible with your printer. Heavier papers, or paper that is not cut to the correct size are likely to cause your printer to jam.
  • f) Know the capacity of your printer. Smaller models are used for smaller number of print jobs per day. If you are overusing your printer, it is more likely to jam.

2. Poor quality in print jobs — issue is easy to fix. The reasons it happens are as follows:
• The ink or toner are low and running out. In order to fix this, you need to :
  • a) Replace the ink/toner cartridge.
  • b) If your HP printer uses ink cartridges, you can refill the cartridges by using an HP Ink Refill Kit (available through your printer manufacturer).

•An economy setting is active when using your HP printer. To check if this is the case :
  • a) Try sending a print job, but before you hit print, click on the “printer properties” option.
  • b) Once in the properties, check to see if the “grayscale” and/or the “fast (speedy)” settings are on. If they are, you can just click on them to turn them off. This will make your print jobs have a better quality, however, remember that this setting will consume more ink than your previous setting.

HP printers come across issues that most printers come across. The god news is, that for many problems, a simple troubleshoot session will allow you to fix these problems without having to contact HP printer tech support. With a little patience and some time and dedication, you’ll be startled at how easy most problems with your HP printer are to fix.

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