HP Wireless Printer Errors, Can you Go at it Alone ?

In today’s modern world, wireless technology has almost taken over. Gone are the days in which you needed to connect everything that you wanted to pair up. Wireless printers are no the exception. Becoming increasingly popular are wireless printers. With just a Wi-Fi router, and a computer or device, you can make these machines print from pretty much anywhere.

HP manufactured some of the most purchased printers in market. They are knownfor their efficiency, and sturdiness. HP printers lead the printer market worldwide. HP Wireless Printers are steadily climbing the market.

Even though HP Wireless Printers are among the most popular, and give little to no problems, there are those common errors and issues that may occur. Here, we have made a list in order to help you troubleshoot these errors and issues yourself.

1. My HP Wireless Printer is not printing... This is a very common error. In order to fix this, you will have to check a couple of things.

  • a. Check the printer and make sure it is on, and not on sleep mode.
  • b. Make sure your printer is connected to the same wireless connection as your printer or device. If not, then adjust the printer to connect to the same connection. If this was the issue, you can now print. Otherwise, go on to the next step.
  • c. Restart the printer, the computer (or device) and the router. Once they have been restarted, check that both are connected to the same wireless connection. You should now be able to print.
  • d. If you still cannot print, then it is time for you to update your printer driver. Many times, these can become corrupt or outdated. In order to do this, you will have to search online for the newest version of your printer’s driver, download and install. Then, restart the computer and printer. You should now be able to print.

2. The ever present“Paper Jam” ...This error is one of the most common in HP Wireless Printers. The reasons these happen are:

  • a. There are too many print jobs being sent at the same time.
  • b. The paper feed is not opening.
  • c. The line feed slit is dirty
  • d. The paper tray is not fitted in the printer.

In order to fix this commonissue, check the paper tray. The paper tray,must be fitted. If it is, then open your printer and check for any paper jams or any residue (little bits of paper, dust or smeared ink). If any of these are present, clean them out carefully. Restart the HPprinter. The printer should now be working.

If the printer still shows the “Printer Error” message, then turn the printer off and disconnect it. Leave it off for two minutes. Connect the printer and turn it on. Your HP Wireless Printer should now be working.

3. My printout are too light...This issue has to do with your printer settings. If your printer settings are on “fast” or “speedy,” your printer will save on ink, and print out lighter print jobs. If this is not the case, check your ink or toner levels from you printer settings. If your levels are too low, you will need to replace your ink or toner cartridge immediately.

4. My HP Wireless Printer has a low signal error...This is another very common error. To fix this, you need to move the printer closer to the router it connects to. Make sure there is nothing too large between the printer and the router, as this can block the signal. This should fix your problem.

5. “Printer error” message...In order to handle this, the first thing is to restart both the wireless printer and computer and/or device. If this does not make a difference, check for any possible paper jams, low ink or any open covers.

6. The wrong SSID on the wireless LAN...This error requires a bit more maneuvering,.The first thing to do is to access the HP printerprinter settings. From there, access the Network (LAN) settings. Write the SSID on a piece of paper. Check the computer’s SSID by accessing the Network icon. Compare the numbers. If they are not the same, you need to connect the computer to the same SSID as your HP Wireless Printer. Your printer should now be able to print.

7. The firewall on your computer is blocking the connection ports... If you have recently installed or updated your firewall, your HP printer settings might have changed. To fix this, look for your firewall information online and find the “configure” section. Then, configure your firewall to allow connection with the “ports needed for network communication with the printer.”

If you have come across any of these common errors, do not hesitate. Wireless printers have errors and issues very often. We hope this easy guide was useful to you in your HP Wireless Printer troubleshoot!

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