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Epson printers have come a long way since their introduction to the market in the 1960’s. These printers have developed from simple calculator printers to the latest in large-scale printer technology.

Like all printers, Epson printers have issues that can be frustrating and difficult for us to accept. Whether you come across connection problems to paper jams, this guide will help you learn to troubleshoot and fix some of the most common errors Epson printers have. All you need is a little bit of patience, and you will discover that calling Epson printer tech support is not always necessary. Let us explore!

The most common errors in Epson printers are the following :

1. The printer is not printing — this is perhaps the most frustrating error, as the printer is not doing its job of carrying out your print jobs. This can happen for many reasons :
• Connection problems—this is the most likely reason for the error, it usually yield a “printer offline” message. Whether you are connected via a wired network (either a direct connection from the computer and printer, or an Ethernet network) or a wireless network, you need to check the following to rule out this likely reason :

  • 1. Make sure the printer is on.
  • 2. Check all the cables and if any are disconnected, reconnect those (USB cables for wired connections and router wires for Wi-Fi connections). Restart both the computer and printer and check for the “computer online” message. If this does not work, continue with the steps.
  • 3. If the wires are connected, check them for any possible wear and tear damage, as this can also cause connection problems among your devices and printers. For wireless connection printers, make sure both your computer and printer connect to the same Wi-Fi signal (and router); also check that there is nothing blocking the Wi-Fi signal from either device (such as big or tall furniture).
  • 4. Once you have ruled out the wire scenario, and still have no connection, make sure the printer you are trying to print from is the one you are selecting.
  • 5.If all these have failed, then it is time for uninstall and reinstall of your printer driver. The process is fairly similar for any printer you are using (wired or wireless). To carry out this process do the following :

    • a) Disconnect and turn off the printer.
    • b) Access your computer control panel.
    • c) Look for the “devices and printers” folder
    • d) Find the printer icon that you have been trying to work with. Right click on that icon, and select the “remove device” option.
    • e) Once the printer is removed, insert the printer installation CD, or find the driver online. Make sure you install the correct driver.
    • f) Set the printeras your default printer, this will make your print jobs easier to manage.
    • g) After the installation is complete, restart the computer. For wireless printers, restart both the computer and Wi-Fi router.
    • h) Plug the printer to your computer, and turn on the printer. For wireless printers, check that the connection of both the printer and computer is to the same network.
    • i) Try to print, the message should now be “printer online,” or “printer ready.”
    • j) Continue with your print jobs.

• Low ink message — This error occurs when your printer detects low levels of ink. It is important to take care of this issue, because if you ignore it, your might cause your printer some major damage. In order to take care of these you can do one of two things :
  • Replace the cartridges as soon as possible (available through your printer manufacturer).
  • Fill your ink cartridge using and Epson Refill Ink Kit (also available through your printer manufacturer).

• The print queue is paused — this is the easiest issue to fix. In order to resolve this do the following :
  • Check the printer status by accesing your control panel.
  • Select the printer you want to use.
  • Here, you can switch the printer to online or offline status.
  • Select resume in if the printing queue had been paused.

2. Paper Jams — these are among the most common and most frustrating errors. You make your way to the printer to pick up your job, and you encounter a huge mess of crumbled up paper sticking out and full of ink. The reason these happen are the following :
• Your printer roller is pulling more than one sheet at the same time. To prevent this you must :
  • a) Cancel the print queue, or pause it in order to remove all the jammed paper.
  • b) Run a ream alignment often, this will keep your printer reams from pulling more than one sheet at a time.

• The paper tray is too full :
  • a) Do not pack the paper tray too much; this is likely to cause the printer to pull more than one sheet causing a paper jam.

• The paper quality is poor:
  • a) Cheap paper is more likely to stick, causing paper jams, so chose your paper wisely.

3. Print jobs are coming out too slow — this common error is an easy to fix error. The reasons this happens in Epson printers are as follows :
• The energy connection is too low. This can be fixed by simply plugging the printer to another socket. If the problem persists, then it is not the printer, but the electricity of the house/building. In this case, you have a completely different issue, and should contact an electrician.
• The settings for your print jobs require more time. In order to get speedier print jobs follow these steps :
  • a) When you are ready to send your print job, select the “printer properties” option.
  • b) Check the “grayscale” and “fast” options. Having these as your settings will give you a much faster output of your print jobs.

Like any other printer, Epson printers encounter issues. However, not all these issues require a phone call to the Epson Printer tech support. Have some patience, and take some time to check out these problems yourself. You will be surprised how easy most issues are to fix by yourself!

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