Epson Inkjet Printer Common Errors and Easy Ways to Fix Them

Inkjet printers are among the most popular printers in the world. These printers work by throwing hundreds of ink drops onto the paper and recreating your image or text. These printers vary from small, personal models, to large,business-oriented models.

Although Epson Inkjet Printers are great, and popular, they may come across errors and issues. If you are having any issues with your EpsonInkjet Printers, do not fear! We have listed here the most common Epson Inkjet Printers come across, and the best and most efficient way to solve them.

1. Messed up prints...This is a reoccurring error in all inkjets. There are various reasons as to why your print jobs are coming out in an imperfect way.

  • a. The printout colors are weird or missing : If your printouts are coming out in strange colors, or in weird hues, your print head is dirty. In order to clean this, run the printer’s head cleaning tool from the printer’s control panel. This should resolve your issue.

    If you are still having the issue, clean the inside of the printer. Clean the inside with a damp lint free cloth. Remove any lint, dust or spattered ink. Restart the printer. Your colors should now be much better.

    If you are still having color issues, you might need to replace your ink cartridge.

  • b. Grainy printouts : If your printouts look like an old western, you might have the wrong printer setting. Check the settings and switch it to a higher quality setting (anything other “speedy”). If this does not work for you, make sure your paper is the correct type of paper for your Epson Inkjet Printer. If you are using low quality paper, you will have to switch to a better quality paper in order to avoid grainy printouts.

  • c. Blurry prints : this is caused for a couple of reasons. You might be printing on the wrong side of the paper. Some papers need more ink, and some need less. If you are using a high quality printer setting for normal paper, you will end up with blurry paper. If this is not the case, then check that your paper is not damp, as this will cause blurry prints.

  • d. Streaked Prints : when your print jobs come out with unintended lines, these are called streaked prints. This also happens for a couple of reasons. The printer alignment might need to be adjusted. Run the alignment tool in the Epson printer’s control panel.

    This is also caused by possible dirt in your printer. Open your printer and clean it out carefully with a lint free cloth. Clean up any ink spatter or paper dust. You should now have better print outs.

2. The printer is not responding to the print job...If your Epson Inkjet is on, but not printing your job, you need to check the connection.

  • a. If you are using a wireless model, make sure the printer and computer or device are both connecting to the same Wi-Fi signal. If they are not, switch them to the correct one, and you should be ok. If they are connected to the same, then restart the router, printer and computer or device. Check that they connect to the same network. Once all this is done, you should be able to print.

  • b. If you are using a wired model of Epson, make sure that all the wires connect properly. If all wires are connected, check for any wear or tear damage on the wires, as this may cause connection problems. If the wires all check out, then restart both the computer and the printer. You should now be able to print.

  • c. If you are still having problems, with wired or wireless, you might need to update the printer driver. Sometimes these become corrupt, or are outdated. To update this, find your printer model driver online. Download and install it, and restart both the computer and printer. You should now be able to print.

  • d. If your printer is still not responding, you might have to cancel all documents. If the printer has too many print jobs coming into the print queue, it might be slowing down the printing process. In order to do this, access your printer from the computer control panel. Right click on the printer icon and click on “print queue.” Right click in the dialog box, and choose “cancel all documents.” Restart the printer and computer, and try printing one last time.

3. My printer is printing weird characters... . If your printer is spewing out pages of nonsense, you have to update your printer driver. When these are not updated, they become corrupt and are no longer compatible with your computer. Look for the update online for your exact Epson Inkjet Printer model.

Epson Inkjet printers are very reliable printers. They certainly make our lives easier. By following the above steps for their most common problems, you should now be printing happily. Now get back to work!

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