Canon Printer Tech Support, You can do it Yourself!

Canon is a Japanese company that specializes in imaging and optical products. Since its beginning in 1937, Canon has been producing quality devices and printers.In 1982, the first ads for its printers began appearing, and since then, Canon has had much success selling its printers all over the world. The constant evolution has lead Canon to provide more environmentally friendly printers that serve their purpose well. However, all technologies have their quirks and errors. Here we will explore the most common errors for which Canon printers might need technical support, and we will show you how to do your own Canon printer tech support.

1. The printer is not turning on — this usually happens for a couple of reasons :
  • The plug is not properly plugged into the energy socket
  • The energy wire is worn out and can no longer transmit energy

This problem is easy enough to fix. In order to fix it this problem, try the following steps :
  • Make sure computer and printer plugs are properly plugged into the electric socket.
  • If this does not work, try to plug the computer into another socket.
  • If both these do not work, you might need to replace the energy wire for your printer.

2. Print jobs are not printing — this can be extremely frustrating, but also happens more often than not. The top reasons for this error are :
  • The printer is off or gives the offline message
  • There is no more paper in the printer
  • There is a paper jam in the printer
  • Some part of the printer is open
  • The printing queue list is too long
  • The USB cable is not plugged into computer or to the printer
  • You do not have the Canon printer driver installed to your computer
  • You have not chosen the correct printer for your job
  • The USB cable is worn out and no longer works
  • If the printer is a wireless printer, the Wi-Fi signal might be too low
  • For wireless printers, the computer and printer are not connecting with each other
In order to do your own printer tech support for this issue you can follow these steps :
  • Make sure the printer is on.
  • Check that the printer has paper (in the correct size) available for your print jobs.
  • Open the printer to check for a possible paper jam.
  • Look at both the printer and computer USB cable; make sure there is no connection problems between the printer and computer.
  • Open and close the printer and paper tray properly.
  • Erase the printing queue list and retry printing.
  • Open the control panel in the computer and select “Devices and printers” folderand check that the Canon printer driver is indeed installed.

  •         If the printer driver is installed, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the printer. In order to do this :
    • Unplug the printer from the computer.
    • Then, on your computer, access the “printers and devices” folder from the control panel.
    • Click on the printer you want to uninstall.
    • Select remove and follow the prompts to remove the printer driver.

            To reinstall the printer do the following :
    • Restart the computer.
    • If the printer has a CD for installation, insert the CD and follow the prompts for installation.
    • If the printer does not have an installation CD, turn the printer on, and plug the printer USB cable from the printer to the computer.
    • Turn on the printer. Most printers will automatically prompt an install window, when this happens, follow the prompts to install the printer. It is highly advised that you set the printer as the default printer.

  • Check the print job and select the correct Canon printer.
  • If all these are correct, it is most possible that your USB cable is not working well and needs to be replaced.
  • For wireless printers, check the Wi-Fi router (for possible connection problems), and restart it.
  • Restart both devices, the computer and printer and select to connect both to the same network, and check that the printer is online.

3. The print jobs are coming out blank — this problem can be extremely frustrating, especially when the correct number of sheets come out, but are partially or completely blank. There are a few reasons why this problem occurs :
  • The ink cartridges are not properly installed
  • The cartridges are not open
  • If the cartridges are new, they might not be the correct ones for your Canon printer model
  • The ink cartridges are dirty or clogged
  • The cartridges have too much ink in them (if you have refilled them yourself)
  • The ink cartridges are empty
  • The cartridges are too old

Even though this is a more complex problem, there are steps you can follow in order to do your own technical support for this matter :
  • Check to make sure the cartridges are properly installed in the Canon printer.
  • If you have recently changed the cartridges, check them to make sure you removed the protection film so that the ink can flow.
  • Similarly, if you have new cartridges, check the model number theircompatibility with your Canon printer.
  • If you have had the cartridges and have been using them with success, you might want to clean them for possible ink clogs. In order to do this, remove the cartridges and clean the area from where the ink flows with a lint-free damp cloth.Once you see ink on the damp cloth, replace them and try your print jobs.
  • If you have recently filled your ink cartridges yourself, you might have put too much ink, making them overflow and thus hindering the printer to execute your jobs. In this case, you will have to use the syringe to suck some ink out of the cartridge(s).
  • On the other hand, the cartridges might be completely out of ink. You can use a damp cloth and use the same method as step 4. If no ink shows on the damp cloth, chances are the cartridges are out of ink. You can replace them, or fill them up yourself with Canon ink.
  • If you are in the habit of refilling your cartridges, you must understand that everything has an end, and your cartridges might just be too old and worn out. In this case, you will need to purchase new (compatible) cartridges from your Canon printer manufacturer.

If you are finding yourself in desperate need of Canon printer tech support for any of the problems listed above, remember that you can try troubleshooting and giving yourself your own tech support. All you need is a little bit of patience with your printer and computer. Try every possibility before you give up. Think about it, Canon printer tech support will probably ask you to try these steps anyway, so why not give it a shot?

If you followed all the steps, and still have no success, then you should contact your Canon printer manufacturer and ask for tech support (and remember to tell them what you have tried). They will further assist you in resolving any issues listed above and/or any others you might come across.

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