Simple Problems you can Take Care of Without Calling Canon Printer Support

Canon printer support consists on the physical assistance of a professional when fixing a printer. While most problems are easy enough to fix without much trouble, but some problems may be a little more complicated. When troubleshooting these computer and printer problems, most sites will advise you to call in a specialist to come and aid you in your time of need. Sometimes, however, we can explore some options and save ourselves some money by taking some time and troubleshooting ourselves.

The most common printers that need Canon printer support are large-scale printers. Because these printers are used in bigger print jobs, they require specialized care when they go down. But exactly which of the Canon printers are under these categories? Moreover, when do they require Canon printer support?

• Océ ColorWave 910, 700, 500 — The Océ ColorWave is a type of printer considered a plotter. This means it prints out large-scale and wide printouts, usually for graphic design purposes and/or architectural CAD proposals. These printers work with highly sensitive ink cartridges, and are subject to a constant paper jam issues.

The most common problems with these printers are :
1. The printer does not recognize a new ink cartridge — usually this problem occurs when the printer is not refreshing its settings. In order to fix this we recommend the following :
  • Cancel all print jobs in the printing queue to avoid further damage.
  • Turn off the the computer and printer.
  • Take out the cartridges, check the cartridges for possible block (film), or clogs, if you see either of these, remove the film, or clean the cartridge with a lint free warm cloth
  • Restart the computer and the printer and resume the print job.

  • This should take care of the ink cartridge problem

2. Initialization does not finish — this problem is caused by a paper jam. This problem is easily fixed :
  • Cancel all print jobs in the print queue and wait some time to allow the printer to cool down.
  • On the media clearance handle, press the green button and open the fuser cover.
  • Locate and remove the jammed printer media.
  • Press the green button once more, and close the cover.
  • Resume your print job.
3. Error codes 2253 and 22552 — These error codes refer to electronic failure in the fuser section. For this error code we recommend the following :
  • Power off the printer, and unplug from the energy source
  • Check the USB cable, insert the cable to the controller and processor board.
  • Connect the printer and resart.
  • Reset the Spider core.
  • Resume your print job.

• ImagePROGRAF PRO560, TX-5300 MFP T36, TX-5300, MFP Solution iPF67Me/771Me, iPF771, iPF781 / 786 — This series of printers are known for printing high quality photographs in a large scale. Similarly, their ink cartridges are very sensitive. This series of printers is widely loved for the great quality of photography prints, and also the many different sizes (from small to poster sized). However, they also come with their fair share of issues for which you will might require the Canon printer support, but here we will go through the things you might be able to fix yourself without much hassle.

The most common of these issues are :
1. Print Quality is poor — if your print jobs are dim, chances are you have problems with your ink cartridge. In order to avoid these do the following :
  • Make sure you clean the cartridges from time to time by using the printer cleaning option, especially if you have not used it in a while.
  • Do not leave the printer off for extended periods of time so the printer runs its self maintenance when it detects a problem.

2. The paper size is not supported by the printer — if the presets will not cut the sheet to the size you need, we recommend the following :
  • Cancel the print jobs in the print queue.
  • Place the sheet manually in the printer.
  • Submit your print job, if the job is more than one sheet, stay put, as you will have to feed the sheet manually one by one.
3. Paper jams — mostly common because of clogged ink cartridges, these are common in most types of printers. In order to fix this, follow the steps :
  • Make sure the print queue is cancelled.
  • Open the printer, and remove the media causing the jam.
  • Restart the devices and submit your print job.

• Océ Arizona 1240 GT, 1260GT, 1280 GT, 2280 XT—These Canon printers are known as “flatbed” printers and are the biggest of the Canon Series. They print big-scale projects from most programs. These printers use VariaDot imaging technology which allows the printheads to produce droplets as demanded by the job. Unfortunately, this technology is the most common type of error for which these printers need Canon printer support. The most common problems include :

1. The ink heater stops working — this problem will not allow your jobs to be top quality, because the ink will not be at the right temperature to flow the way it needs to. Because these printers are so big, replacing their parts is a delicate and lengthy process. However, simply following a few steps will allow you to keep away from spending money on a professional service :
  • Run the cleaning option in the printer often (the more you use the printer, the more you should do this)
  • Make sure the ink flow is not obstructed.
  • Allow the printer to have time to cool down from time to time (this will keep the nozzles from possibly melting.

2. Leaking ink nozzles — this problem occurs mostly when the ink nozzles are worn out. If the nozzles are leaking, not only will your job quality be much lower, it will also cause other problems with your printers. For this we suggest the following :
  • Run maintenance checks on your machine constantly.
  • Keep an eye on the usage of the ink, if you think your ink levels are lower than they should be more often, check the nozzles for leaks.
  • Replace any nozzles that are leaking ink.

• Canon MAXIFY iB4050, MB2050, MB2350, MB5050, MB5350 — These network printers are popular for office work. They include scanners, copiers and are compatible with most document applications. Because these printers are mostly used in small businesses and offices, they mostly print out documents. Fortunately, these printers will not require much Canon printer support. The most common reasons for these printers to require the support are :

1. Internal paper jams — like always, these are a huge and frustrating problem. For these do the following :
  • Cancel the print jobs queue.
  • Open the paper tray, and pull out any media that is jammed.
  • If the jam is not here, open the printer from the front, and carefully remove the media causing the problem.

2. The settings usually get lost when the printer loses its wireless connection — these printers are notorious for losing their signal, so you might want to troubleshoot a little bit with both the printer and computer :
  • Make sure the devices and printers connect to the same Wi-Fi router.
  • Remove any big furniture that might cause a connection problem.
  • If the printer gives the “printer offline” message, uninstall the printer driver from the computer, and reinstall it.
  • Reset the devices and printer.
  • Resume your print jobs.
Canon printers have some common problem among them. These consist of the printer giving an offline message, and general connection problems. In order to deal with these follow these steps :
  • Restart both the computer and the printer.
  • Check the connection (whether wired or wireless), making sure the LAN connection, or the Wi-Fi connection are working. Once you get the printer online message, resume your print job.
  • Update the printer driver, and restart the devices.
  • If this still does not allow a connection, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver through control panel access. This should allow you to use the printer again.

Unfortunately, for most hardware problems (and even some software problems) Canon printer support is highly necessary. However, remember that most problems are usually able to fix without much effort, all you need is some patience, and an open mind to trying it yourself.

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