Brother Printer Support : How to Handle Problems without Calling a Professional

The day finally arrives. You have been happy with your Brother printer and working with ease, and all of a sudden, your printer presents an error. You panic, and ask what can I do? We all know the scenario, panic turns to frustration and fear. Then you wonder, is the phone the first thing to reach for?

Brother printers are known for their great quality and low cost. They far exceed most expectations. However, what is considered an immediate answer? Here we give you the answers for any troubleshooting you can do yourself without calling for Brother Printer support.

Some of the the main reasons people call Brother Printer support are the following :

• Print quality issues :
1. Curled pages after printing : sometimes wrinkles, creases or curls may happen in your print jobs. In order to fix this, check the following :
  • a) The paper is loaded correctly, and that the printer does not have too much paper (when printers have too much paper, they almost always present problem when printing).
  • b) Check the quality of the paper. Poor quality of paper can cause wrinkles, creases or curls in you print jobs.
  • c) If you cannot change the paper at this moment, take the paper out and turn it upside down, and then try your print job once more.

2. Print jobs are coming out too light : Sometimes our print jobs come out and are almost impossible to see. The reason this might happen are (1) your ink is too low or (2) you have lower quality (ink saving) settings for your print jobs. To get your print jobs darker follow these steps :
  • a) Check your ink levels. If your ink levels are low, replace the cartridge immediately. If you are in the habit of refilling your cartridges, refill them right away with your Brother Ink Refill Kit (available from your printer manufacturer).
  • b) If your ink levels are ok (or you have replaced and/or refilled), then check the printer settings. To do this, click on print, once prompted to choose the printer, click on “printer properties.” Check that “grayscale” and “fast (speedy)” are not on. This should make your print job quality much better.

3. Print jobs come out skewed : This issue happens when print jobs are coming out with the material at an angle. To correct this error do the following :
  • a) Check the paper stack or tray. Paper needs to be placed correctly, and only have the right amount. Too much paper can cause errors to occur.
  • b) Set the paper guides correctly: The paper guides should not be too tight on the paper stack, nor too lose. This will cause errors to occur. Check that the guides are correctly set for paper amount your Brother printer can handle.
  • c) Paper quality : Poor quality of paper usually cause print job errors.

4. Print jobs are smeared : This error occurs when using alternate paper for print jobs.
  • a) Check the paper, and make sure the paper surface is not too rough, or too glossy.
  • b) Check for lose paper in the printer, as this can cause smears to happen in your print job.

5. There are toner specks on your print job : This error occurs when your print jobs present little tiny dots throughout the page. This can be fixed as follows :
  • a) Check the drum unit of your printer, as it may be damaged. If it is damaged, you must replace it immediately.
  • b) If the drum unit is ok, clean its corona wire. To do this, you will have to open the printer and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to cool. After this time, take out the drum unit and clean the wire by sliding the green lever from left to right a few times. Be gentle, as you do not want to ruin the drum unit.
  • c) If the drum and corona wire are not damaged or dirty, your fuser is probably damaged, and will have to be replaced immediately.

6. Poor fixing : This error occurs when your print job come out “dusty.” In order to fix this follow these steps :
  • a) Open the printer from the back, and make sure the green levers are in the up position. If you are unsure if they are up, pull them up, until they cannot move up anymore.
  • b) Check that your paper match the specs on your printer driver.
  • c) Select the “improve toner fixing” setting1.in the printer driver from your computer.

• Printer does not print at all : This error is common in Brother printers and is known as “error 35.” There are many reasons this happens :

In any connection problem issue between your devices and printer, if none of the suggestions check out, chances are you will need to uninstall and re install your printer driver. The process is the same for all three types of printers. In order to do this, follow the steps below :
2. There is a paper jam. In order to fix these do the following:
  • a) Open the printer
  • b) Check for any paper that might be stuck in the printer. If there is some, remove it carefully.
  • c) Check for any lose paperclips or staples, and remove if found.
  • d) Turn the printer off and disconnect. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, and restart both the computer and the printer.

• The printer will not turn on:This error occurs for a few reasons :

1. The power chord is not plugged in : check that the printer power chord is plugged into a power outlet.
2. The power chord is damaged. If the printer is plugged in, and the printer does not turn on, try another outlet. This should fix the problem, but if it does not, then you need to replace the power chord for your Brother printer.
3. The power outlet is damaged. If you try another outlet, and the printer works, the original power outlet is damaged, and you will have to call an electrician.

If you come across any of these issues, do not panic. Remember that a little patience and exploration goes a long way. Brother printer support by a professional is not the only option. Trust yourself and learn that you can fix your Brother printer issues and errors.

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